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With the stock market analysis charts and commentary, where trading and investing is required to be fun, easy and approachable, Trade Selector Signal (TSS) mission is to give you user-friendly valuable information in the decision-making process the best way to buy and sell stocks. TSS insights are outstandingly rich, self-explanatory, and yet simple to understand - based on TSS system analysis, for virtually any individual ranging from stock market newbie to professionals.

Market Commentary

November 20, 2018: Wall Street began trading as lousy data smack confidence and found the DJI off more than 500 points. Once again, technology stocks guided the lowers and Monday's talk has been the anticipated decline in Apple production output numbers. The Apple stock is currently trading off close to 20 percent from its high level on Oct 3 and appears to be witnessing profit-taking on a regular basis.

Attention-grabbing that the Bond markets are finally waking up. The concern that Italy will certainly either boost far more debt or even more importantly, possibly suffer a loss of official help is pretty apparent given Yesterday's price action. Furthermore, the shift into U.S. Dollars is displaying the yield contrast between U.S. Treasuries and European Union governing administration paper.

Surely, worth trying to keep an eye on the USA - Bund spread along with peripheral Euro pieces of paper. Crypto currencies were taking yet another whipping with Bitcoin drifting below $5000 level dropping more than 11% on the Monday session. Stocks never the less continued to be under pressure all day yesterday and driven by the Nasdaq which finished off close to 1.75%.

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Stock Market Analysis "Chart Book" and Trading Ideas: 1_Apple Inc. 2_Tesla Inc. 4_Netflix Inc. 5_Alphabet Inc. (Google)  6_Facebook Inc. 7._Microsoft Corp.  (More Stocks are coming soon-Stay tuned.)

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