My story

My story started the first time I entered the Chicago Mercantile Exchange visitor gallery at its Wacker Drive address, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. As I pressed my head against the bulletproof glass and viewed the changing numbers on the electronic price boards that circled the walls, I sensed the nearly palpable possibilities in the air.

My story, however, started earlier. I was introduced to futures and stock trading in the early 1990s. This means I have 30 years of experience in the field of trading. This experience and the knowledge I’ve gathered through the years have prompted me to create a live signal service that internet traders can base their strategy upon.

The brokerage side of trading has never appealed to me. Instead, I’ve always been fascinated by the possibility to come up with online trading strategies and get those tested. As I worked on this methodology year after year, I did come up with a unique system of my own.

For almost three decades, I have been trading the markets as an independent trader. I’ve traded on all of the most significant stock index futures contracts and foreign currencies. I also have experience with financial futures and short-term (low risk) profits.

I believe that trading provides an amazing opportunity in a dynamic and economically unstable world. This opportunity doesn’t discriminate – it can be tested by beginners, small companies and large entities. It’s possible to get started with a small amount and eventually grow. The unparalleled flexibility and the strategic nature of trading have determined my commitment and passion.

Let us go back to that memory I shared with you in the beginning, the one about the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. I quickly understood that it’s an arena where fortunes are won and lost in a matter of seconds.

I first began doing my futures market research in 1985. That was also the year when I took my first trade. At that time, information was scarce. Fibonacci numbers and W.D. Gann theory, moving enrages and few other indicators were the ones used by the vast majority of traders.

My very first efforts were crowned with success. Though I was happy, these immediate successes made me think that trading was easy. That’s how I fell in one of the common traps that so many traders have the misfortune of coming across. I earned money, I lost it and I felt incredibly frustrated by the process.

So, what my story is all about

This website is dedicated to helping others avoid the frustration that I had to encounter in those early days. Based on my story and my experience, the service that I have to offer is a certain possibility for making the most of online trading. To find out more about it, go to the appropriate top menu tab. I hope you have a good time and you find the world of trading as fascinating, as I do.