Trading resources provided by brokerage sites 

Trading resources of a trading business is an important aspect of choosing the right brokerage site, many other factors, such as the types of trading the site offers, the ease of using the platform, technological charting capabilities on the platform and the support available and free of charge are also considerations.

Strategic resources include many tools that you can often find online elsewhere, but having them at the tips of your fingers while you trade can be extremely helpful. They may include breaking news stories and other media releases or SEC filings. All of these provide background information that can help you invest intelligently with all the facts at hand. 

Trading resources is the SEC

One particularly important trading resource is the SEC---US Securities and Exchange-- filings. SEC filings are official statements from the companies that may include financial reports or statements of activities that could affect the prices of stocks and value of the company. The forms often provide important, yet subtle information that can provide aid in selecting a stock or option to trade. The SEC looks at the information provider to ensure it follows all guidelines. 

One of the forms most frequently used from the SEC is the Registration statement, which has two parts: the prospectus and additional information. The prospectus gives details about the operation of the company, the management team, the company’s financial situation and potentially any risk. It contains financial statements as well that can give a good idea of the fiscal health of a company. The additional information forms may be more recent information not included in the prospectus or relevant information that simply doesn’t fit into any area.

10-K reports are yearend statements that contain detailed financial information as well as other pertinent info that can help investors identify the risk of investing in a specific company. Other statements that are important to many investors include the 8-K report, Schedule 13-D, form 144 and proxy statement. 

The two forms that are often overlooked but can provide valuable information are Schedule 13-D, which shows owners of a 5% or more share of the company and must be filed within ten days of acquisition and form 144 that shows insider trading. While many people who practice fundamental investment techniques use these forms, they are valuable assets to every investor and should be available on your trading platform either with a direct connection to the SEC or Edgar database.

Technological trading resources

Trading support tools also include all the technological aids, such as charting capabilities, to help traders identify the best investment to select. They include online updates on late breaking news that can affect the value of trades. For instance, if trading Forex, you should have trading input that allow you to receive any news that specifically affects the currency of the countries of your choice. 

Those trading futures contracts should also have charting capabilities and access to tools that help create a better trade, including a way to automatically alert you when one of the contracts is about to expire. When you have trading resources available at the tips of your fingers, such as right on the trading platform, you will make wiser decisions that can translate to higher profits in the future.

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