Trading knowledge comes from education and practice

Trading knowledge doesn't magically appear but takes hours of study, learning what to look for in a profitable investment. You can achieve this skill through reading, but to hone it, you need to practice. That can become an extremely expensive education unless you’re doing mock trades with no cash outlay.

Mock trays are similar to using a practice pad for musical training or hitting balls from a pitching machine.  They may seem quite boring and time-consuming, particularly when you’re ready to get your feet wet and make a few trades. However, they’re a good way to test your understanding of charting and using a fundamental information to pick a winner.  You need tools to identify whether you’re succeeding or need to learn more.

Tools for trading knowledge development

Some of the trading knowledge tools are provided at most sites, such as how to track fundamental information or how to use charts. If the site you use doesn’t contain an educational area, have seminars or blogs to help you learn how to make more profitable trades, you need to find one that does. Even the most experienced trader should have tools available to help them hone their knowledge. However, for the active trader that feels comfortable in his or her ability to use tools and pick a winner, using a site that offers the lowest cost trade with the fastest trading time would make sense. 

The site should also have tools for every type of trade from stocks to Forex or futures.  These tools can be charting tools that allow you to input information on almost any type of investment and chart the behavior of that investment.  Even though you may not have plans to trade options or currency, having the capability to learn how to do it can come in handy one day when that particular investment presents more opportunities. 

The more you know about all types of investments, the more money you can make. In almost all cases, investments have a direct or indirect relationship to one another. For instance, when interest rates drop, value stocks, ones that give dividends, can become quite popular, particularly if the dividends are paying a higher percentage than CDs or bonds. 

Appling and developing your knowledge

As you develop your trading knowledge, you’ll start to recognize instantly charting patterns and buying or selling will become automatic. That doesn’t mean you should spend years gaining this knowledge because that could mean years of lost opportunity. However, it does mean you should spend a few weeks using the resources available to you to gain some education and continue learning as you slowly make your way into the trading community. 

One often overlooked resource offered at many brokerage sites is the forum. While the forum doesn’t always offer the correct information on the direction of the market movement, particularly since some of the people want to generate interest in the stock moving one direction or another, it can be a place to learn valuable know-how. 

Many of the forums have areas where people share ideas on how to use the information they’ve gleaned from charts or how to use the fundamental information to make better trades. These are the trading knowledge you need to develop, and you’ll often find fellow traders are glad to share those skills also. 

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