Traders: What do you do for a living?  

All traders often being asked this question “what do you do for a living?”, Give it some thought, before you answer. It’s easy to say what you think you should say, or what you've been taught to say. I’m a trader! 

Traders or investors which is it?

There are traders, and there are investors. Seeing a trader in the trading room, most people will probably ponder whether the trading career warrants those degrees as well as other certifications, with the daily process of placing a trade. The regular trading work is influenced by way of three elements: information, technical know-how, and instinct.

Investors, on the other hand, buy or sell based on a fundamental assessment of how they believe other investors will view their investments with the passage of time. If they are all correct, they all win.

How is it done?

I anticipate the probability of what the market will do off and on between early morning to evening hours based on a Trade Selector Signal (TSS) methodology. I am a predetermined trader, and the forex market provides a liquid marketplace for the trader, investor, to hedge their risks. 

It is said that 90% of forex market traders lose all their capital and the stock market is easier to trade. What matters is that you put in more effort than most people participating in your chosen market, you become the smart money feeding off the dumb money. Which market you choose doesn't matter, the principle is the same. 

No market is inherently easier or harder than any other market. Forex, stocks, options, commodities, futures - it's all the same. Price goes up; price goes down. Trader goes long, and he/she go short. Traders/Investors buy on greed and sell on fear. I buy into fear and sell into greed (When TSS tells me so). I do it methodically and with great discipline. I choose to be in the other 10%.

Are all the days fun to trade?

It's a roller coaster. Some days are going to be excellent. Some days are going to be bad. You have to be willing to deal with that. On days when I have success or so, so a day, I enjoy what I do. I can wake up every single morning and walk into trading room excited about this new day, this new opportunity, this new problem that I'm going to face.…Every single day is a different day, and every single day there's a different challenge, and every single day there's a new problem. There's no monotony. Even though there are dull times, they're never the same.…

In closing

I write this blog and hope to inspire change within one or more of you. Outside of trading, I enjoy spending time with my wife, family, and friends. I create the time to read, preparing meals, and exercise. My wife and I love to travel. We look forward to various journeys around the globe. That’s just scratching the surface of what I do for a living.

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