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Welcome to the Trading The Market Before It Happens website. This site is an independent, no-conflict guide providing readers with the most advanced developments of the market trends in action and analysis, taking you through the complex worlds of a challenging global marketplace.

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Trading and investing is an endless task

Trading and investing is an uphill and time-consuming task. A skill that few people possess naturally but definitely can be taught and learned in the world's market high-wire act. It is a world of excitement and wonder and one of the tragic consequences if one slips and falls. Perhaps this is a proper metaphor since the successful trader and investor must balance courage and discipline while rigorously analyzing rapidly changing events. It is the ultimate left-and-right-brained activity. 

On the one hand, it helps to be a dreamer and poet; on the other, you need a NASA scientist's analytical brain. It also helps to enjoy risking large sums of money on uncertain outcomes—and not worrying when the results are not satisfactory. For its successful participants, investing and trading is the ultimate liberating experience. After all, the happiest people are those who have found a way to do what they love and get paid for it.

Chances are, if you are fortunate, you have already discovered the joys of making a living on your terms. Perhaps you have already started trading or investing, and you are looking for a few reasonable rules or strategies to improve your success. You might be a successful entrepreneur, a self-made man, or a woman looking for another world to conquer. No matter your background, you will need all your talents to master this challenging investment marketplace strategy.

Trade Selecter can help you use this invaluable knowledge to educate yourself and experience trading as well as investing in the marketplace in a new way. The presented information can help you develop concrete strategies regardless of the market that you choose.

By building and making this site available free of charge for beginners, experienced and skilled professionals, I hope to stimulate more interest in fundamental investing and trading models.