Stock Market Commentary of The Group Stocks, September 2018

This Stock Market Commentary covers various topics and understanding of individual stocks activity and engaging information for an astute trader and investor, of international stock markets by demonstrating how interconnected the economies of nations have become.

September 27, 2018: It seems astounding that as Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) stock keeps growing and rising into all-time highs, this value for money investor would even now believe that purchasing Microsoft at $865 thousand million market capitalization a bargain stock.

Microsoft stock finished FY in 2018 on the high mark, with its Fourth Quarter top line performance a punchy 30 thousand million, up by 17% YoY (Year Over Year).

As you might expect, Microsoft's cloud platform service, Azure, remains to be an outstanding driving force powering the company, also it leaped an additional 85% YoY. Then again, a great deal more has been CFO Hood's remarks on the call up that Microsoft's annuity mixture improved the whole 3 points YoY to whopping 89%.

Microsoft dropped by about 0.30% on the trading day Wednesday. The stock price has gone up three of the previous seven days, and it is up by way of 2.89% within the last two weeks. Volume decreased on Wednesday together with the stock, and that is an excellent indicator as volume ought to stick to the stock performance.

The stock lies under venerable Key Resistance $115.20 of a strong rising short-term trend and a further rise within the pattern is expected towards outer Stock Rally 116.30. On the corrective downside, there is Mean Support at $111.70.

September 21, 2018: Facebook sell-off have taken place on July 18, which by the way coincided with an over-all marketplace slowdown. For more than the past two months, Facebook's shares have traded sideways and marginally higher; nevertheless, the company business keeps increasing at an astonishing rate while producing extraordinary cash flows - currently, investor sentiment is dwindling.

In the Thursday's trading session stock gained 1.82% rise over the past three days in a row. It's going to be interesting to see whether it manages to keep moving higher or take a break.

Currently, the volume fell on the last session by minus 0.75 million shares, and in overall over, 18.8 million shares changed hands. One should take into account that a plummeting volume on higher prices leads to divergence and this can be an early cautionary sign about possible trend shifts for an upcoming couple of days, while Mean Support $160.30 and major Key Support $152 in dwindling below.

Facebook stock lay in the mids of a significant outer Stock Dip with a pending $135 outcome and completed inner Stock Dip priced at $159. Given the current short-term uptrend, the stock is expected to briefly stall at Mean Resistance $166 price level and possibly advance to looming Key Resistance much higher at $177.60. 

September 17, 2018: Technology stocks continue to be under pressure with Apple, Netflix, Amazon, and Google leading a great deal of the downfall with profit-taking as weighs in at on confidence. By the closed session, we were looking at a the Nasdaq was plunging 1.5%, having many people being prepared for lousy Trade news.

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