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With the Forex market analysis charts and commentary, where investing is required to be fun, easy and approachable, Trade Selector Signal (TSS) mission is to give you user-friendly valuable information in the decision-making process the best way to buy and sell fiat currencies. TSS insights are outstandingly rich, self-explanatory, and yet simple to understand - based on TSS system analysis, for virtually any individual ranging from Forex market newbie to professionals.

Market Commentary

November 8, 2018: The US Dollar has been sold extensively throughout much of the Wednesday, however interesting how the Japanese Yen currency hangs on to a 113  handle and show not enough power to produce a significant move below. 

Both the Euro Dollar and British Pound made steady headway against the US Dollar even though those results had been small plus 0.25 percent. The currency movements will be a very important factor to watch especially as the interest in year-end Greenback sets out to be bid. 

There is undoubtedly talk how the bid over December 31st surpassed 9.5 percent earlier this week, and we're going to be checking again and follow this as activities unfold.

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