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With the crypto market analysis charts and commentary, where investing is required to be fun, easy and approachable, Trade Selector Signal (TSS) mission is to give you user-friendly valuable information in the decision-making process the best way to buy and sell crypto coins. TSS insights are outstandingly rich, self-explanatory, and yet simple to understand - based on TSS system analysis, for virtually any individual ranging from crypto market newbie to professionals.

Market Commentary

November 27, 2018: The drop within the last several days has taking out inner Coin Dip $4184 by plunging into profoundly deep oversold levels. Even though in a bear market of the current outer Coin Dip $2860 serves as a vital indicator of the oversold sentiment. 

Typically, this kind of crisp and clean decline is pursued by a reasonably sharp rebound. With the throwback, Bitcoin will face minor Mean Resistance $3950 at the uptrend line, an entry with a possibility to retest the Key Resistance $4512.

It is not difficult to trade the Dead-Cat-Rebounds; hence, we need a solid signal from Trade Selector Signal which is not present at this time. Only skilled traders and investors with deep packets should take a risk endeavor to go long in the event the crypto currency sustains the go. (See chart below)

Market Commentary of The Crypto Market, November 2018
Market Commentary of The Crypto Market, October 2018
Market Commentary of The Crypto Market, September 2018

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