Coronavirus and Markets Reflection

Coronavirus is making its markets nervous recently, as now, and then, the market delivers a curve ball, and the time is now.

The aggressive action from China shows how seriously they are taking it, and considering their standing on transparency (or absence of), it can't be taken for granted the aggregates data they are publishing.

The mainstream media, the CDC (Center for Disease Control), and the WHO (World Health Organization) are not telling us what we need to know about the coronavirus.

Many readers of this website know Chris Martenson from his excellent economic website, Peak Prosperity (Insight For Prospering).

Though, even many of you who do know him, may not know that he holds a Ph. D. degree in pathology from Duke University - And what Chris knows about coronavirus is pretty scary.

Click here to play the video, or go directly to his website here. Well, perhaps the attendees World Economic Forum at Davos will all get it, Trump, Greta, and the banksters!... At least a bit of good would come of it, no!.

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