Which Markets Should You Trade?

by Kenneth B. Morris

The average trader is looking to make money on their investments, and that is what their mind will veer towards as it should. Now, for those who are starting, you will want to figure out what the best route to take is. Which markets should you trade? This is where you are going to get stuck as there are so many markets and you won't want to make a mistake right away where you are in the wrong market and getting taken advantage of.

There are a few options that are going to work for those who are starting off.

The best markets to trade in would be the Forex, ETF market as it is safer and you will have more opportunities in front of you in the long-run. There are others who don't mind going towards the stock market (commodities) as these are long-term plays and can grow well as time goes on.

The best thing for a person to do is start slow and get acquainted with the setup as that is going to help things along.

If not, you might end up with a poor portfolio under your name that is hard to adjust.

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Liquid currency pairs
by: Charles

Go for the most liquid currency pair and small spread. Mostly primary currency such as eurusd, and gbpusd.

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