Web Hosting And Complete e-Business Building System

Before we consider web hosting facts, let's start by diving into the nitty-gritty of how hosting works. You see, all websites sit on designated computers called Web servers. On the surface, they're not that different from a regular desktop computer, but their software and everything else is built to serve web pages.

Every website sits on a Web server. Yours, mine, the Wall Street Journal, everyone. The only difference is whether or not you are 'sharing' the server with anyone else.

If you have a dedicated server, you are the only person using the machine. Kind of like having your own house. If you have a Virtual Private Server (VPS), you are sharing the device with other people. You still have your space, but it's smaller, kind of like renting an apartment.

Solo Build It!

Lastly, there is shared web hosting. It's like living in a big house with a bunch of roommates. You're all sharing the space with each other. Notice I didn't say anything about cloud hosting. BTW that's a gimmick. 

Anyway, dedicated servers, VPS, and shared hosts are the three general types of hosting. Dedicated servers are the most expensive, and shared hosts are the cheapest. A VPS is in the middle.

Web Hosting And Traffic

With  web hosting traffic, which one do you think can handle more traffic? Most people would say the dedicated server, but it's not always true. Sometimes, a shared host can handle a lot more than a dedicated server. Think of a traffic spike like having a party. Where can you have the biggest party?

Depends, right? If you have a $20 million mansion, you can probably throw a bigger party than anybody, but what if you're living in an 1800 ft.² starter home? Well, a bunch of college kids sharing a big house could technically have a bigger party.

You see, a lot of the cheap dedicated servers are like starter homes. Yes, they give you a lot more privacy, and they are much nicer to live in MOST of the time, but if you need to have a huge party, a shared host can be a lot better.

Just to be transparent, I'm seriously oversimplifying here. The software, the configuration, the hardware, and all other parts of the set up play a considerable role, but generally speaking, shared hosts are better at handling traffic spikes. There's just more room, even if you have to share it with other people.

Unless you're willing to fork over hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month for a "mansion" dedicated server, the honest truth is that a $4 shared host can work a lot better for you. At least for the first couple of years of your trading.

In The Nutshell

Of course, some shared web hosting companies are dramatically better than others. Which one should you use? Personally, I use Solo Built It for my current site. Solo Build It! (SBI) Is centered on you setting up and building your own online business. This is the only all-in-one step-by-step product of process-and-software that provides flourishing businesses. No other purchasing is required. Everything is provided.

If you're looking for highly-dependable web hosting with Complete Online Business Building System, look no further. Check out Solo Build It first and try them out.

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