About the trend analysis

A trend analysis is a process of analysis allowing traders to predict what is going to transpire with a financial product in the foreseeable future. Evaluation is based on historical data with regard to the stock, futures, currency pair, bonds or any other product performance gave the actual trends of the market as well as particular information within the market.

Trend analysisThe analysis takes into account historical information factors, and other factors like the overall variations in the sector, market conditions, competitiveness for a similar financial product, it helps traders to predict short, intermediate, as well as long-term opportunities.

These analysis tries to forecast the trend such as a bull market run and also rides that trend right up until data shows a trend reversal (i.e.: bullish to bearish market). Trend analysis is beneficial due to the fact moving along with trends, rather than in opposition to them, can result in profit for the trader.

Why trend analysis matters

As a result of undertaking the trend analysis of the markets, a trader might be able to match his or her buys and sells of a certain financial product, improving his or her potential for greater gains. While doing so, it is very important to take a look at historical information in a much larger context of circumstances for the underlying enterprise to comprehend should there be factors which could affect a product  value regardless of general market situations or past performance.

As an illustration, a stock trader will want to look at the financial situations of the company, be aware of the market and technologies, and foresee competitive challenges on the company within its sector. Many of these tolls, in addition to analysis, benefit a trader. 

Following the trend 

The trend following traders is attempting to capture pretty much long term trends. The trend following trader would certainly enter the market using a selected technique when he or she recognizes the opportunity of a new  long lasting up or down trend. 

Trading counter-trend 

Various other traders attempt to trade consolidations or simply ranging markets. They don't cling only to markets that happen to be showing long-term trends. Trading markets can go in three main directions: upward, downward or simply sideways, and a counter-trend trader would rather trade the back and also forth actions of the sideways market.

In the sideways market, typically the counter-trend trader will attempt to buy low, and sell high. As an example, a trader would certainly short the EUR/USD pair whenever it gets to particular high ranges, and long the pair whenever it gets to particularly low levels. This example is a really rough guideline needless to say, and a trader ought to have an excellent sense and/or technical analysis to back up their prediction with regard to the market’s actions. 

The counter-trend trader depends on support as well as resistance ranges and needs to be prepared to trade contrary to the current trend if he / she is convinced there'll be a pull back. Counter-trend traders may additionally be cautious regarding price break-outs as well as a move to a trending market, which might put counter-trend trades at risk.

Choosing your trading style

Trend following traders is attempting to buy the strength of the market whilst selling its weakness. Counter-trend traders make an effort to counter the market resulting from selling the strong trend and buying the actual bottoming market. Obviously, a trader could possibly employ both aspects to  their very own trading, but also for the greater degree, one is more at ease trading one style over the other. It will require another type of trading mindset in order to place orders up against the existing trend simply because one is convinced there'll be a retraction rather than trade a longer term upward trend.

But the truth is, given that markets spend one-third of the time in sideways trends, therefore, one might need to be a counter-trend trader; the other choice would be to stay out and hold back until there's a new trend. To further improve a trading strategy, one needs to determine what sort of trading style suits you, depending on mindset and what kind of market conditions typically the trader is comfortable trading along with trend analysis.

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