Trading Week Ended September 22, 2017 

In trading markets, you will find probabilities, and you will find certainties. It's very likely that many traders and investors will lose a substantial part of their assets kept in stocks and bonds, as well as property within the next 5-10 years. It's also in all probability that they'll suffer a loss of most of their capital kept in banking institutions, possibly by bank collapse or perhaps currency debasement.

The factor that will manufacture the collapse: Global financial debt, as well as unfunded liabilities, are unquestionably continuing to run out of control. Having total financial debt at $240 trillion, pension liabilities about $400 trillion, and various other obligations including healthcare close to $250 trillion along with derivatives market at $1.5 quadrillion, we're looking at an overall global debt which includes liabilities of approximately $2.5 quadrillion.

Trading Fear

Trading other than equities this week was with the limited level of motion, nevertheless practically nothing of any significant consequences, as the greenback changed the current trend, together with crude oil, metals and fixed income.

It seems apparent that once again the first three days of trading this week, where the real prospect of the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) meeting. This has got just about all outside trading markets reluctant to make a move, lest they will end up getting caught offside by some big surprise within the very body which never surprises anybody.

Even though this is not entirely new news and it has been the trend for quite a while, it continues to be intriguing just how the wall street game has virtually no fearfulness about what the Federal Reserve may undertake. In the meantime, the metals market was frightened that Yellen et al. may suggest something (Wednesday) which will subject it towards a beating.

As a result of Quantitative worldwide easing, equity bulls here have no fear of anything at all, and they also believe that the Federal Reserve has their back, even though investments centered on the consequences of these monetary policies keep on being battlegrounds.

US Trading Market

It's very disconcerting to seasoned players in the trading markets that volume can be so low. Once again this week, we were treated to only a tiny fraction of what we'd end up finding this time of the year. Without taking into consideration the possibilities of geopolitical issues, the conclusion of Quantitative Easing, interest rates moving higher, probable warning signs of inflation edging off the floor as well as US trading markets at historically high levels. And also, we've enough possible reasons of investors and traders sitting on the sidelines.

US Equities kept steady this week as investors and traders absorbed the most recent Federal Open Market Committee policy directive, which has been unveiled on Wednesday. The main indexs ticked close to fresh record high levels within the half of trading the week, however, faltered somewhat on the back nine. The Dow Jones Industrial Average performed slightly better with 0.4% rise. The NASDAQ Composite did slightly worse declining 0.3%, and the S&P500 ticked 0.1% upward. 

As a result, traders and investors upwardly changed their interest rate-hike expectations, confirmed by the Federal Reserve funds futures market, which in turn currently places the likelihood of a December interest rate hike at 72.8% that is up from 57.8% of last week and 31.9% the week right before that. 

Bond market sold off for the 2nd week back to back after the Federal Open Market Committee statement, delivering yields higher throughout the curve. The two-year yield rose six basis points to 1.44%, striking its highest level in nearly nine years, even though the benchmark ten-year yield at the same time leaped six basis points to 2.26%. 

Inside the stock market, the heavily-weighted financial segment with plus 2.7% completed on top of the sector rankings, making the most of the odds of higher interest rates and several sector rotations. The financial bunch has trailed the larger market for the majority of 2017, However, continues to be creating a comeback throughout the last two weeks; the financial sector has added in 6.9% ever since September 7.

Overseas Markets

A quiet, as well as mixed Eurozone week with the single action, focused on UK Prime Minister Theresa May convention on BREXIT. The Eurozone market managed to find some sound economic numbers from France as well as a wider European Purchasing Managers Index that had been both healthier however only maintained to support trading markets as opposed to drive them greater. This Sunday German election will be attention-grabbing to find out where the younger generation chooses to vote. Pay attention to the outside parties to see which coalition will fit. 

The thing that might be even more unusual is that the activities in Catalonia are unquestionably unable to affect Spanish government debt. Within typical market environments, yields might need to back-up to draw in capital, however, if the European Central Bank continuously purchase even month - therefore why make an effort to back it off? 

The Aussie ASX200 has been probably over-sold on Friday, and as a consequence stood as the just only core that done well, closing up 0.5%, this has been a healthy recovery following Thursdays 1% downfall. China’s overall downgrade place a minor dent in confidence for the hard-cash trading markets which had taken the Hang Seng Index lower minus 0.8% as the Shanghai Index finished with a just modest loss.

Currency Market

The September reversal has been out-of-the-ordinary, and you can see the influence on equally the interest rates and Foreign exchange markets. The DXY Index altered the present trend with majors hit by way of no less than 1%. The Euro Dollar was denied the 1.20 handle and is churning the mid 1.18’s a cushy price range. The Japanese Yen has overrun key 112 price resistance and is also going weaker even as closed the trading week at 111.97.

The US Dollar has been rallying strongly following the hawkish news from the Federal Reserve and the with the considerable decline of the currency recently; there is certainly plenty of space for a reversal to form. The Euro-Dollar has a firm support level near 1.18 handle that may work as a primary target for the push.

Crypto-Segment Market

The drop in Cryptocurrencies which began on early Friday continued to reign over the crypto segment, as the in-depth remains to be intact as I've suspected. Because I do not anticipate significant fresh new low levels following previous week’s crash, a lot more corrective price action is required following the lofty month of August rally to empty out the extremely bullish sentiment.

Other Markets

West Texas Intermediate crude oil added in $0.11 to $50.66 per barrel price and wholesale petro fuel was $0.02 better at $1.63 per gallon. In other, the area Bloomberg's Yellow metal spot price enhanced by $5.80 to $1,297 per ounce.

The trading market action on the Comex Exchange (gold and silver casino) was all barking. Weak paper longs (naked contracts) were taken out of the metal market, and the bullion banks are generating profits on their shorts. Signifying, it is business as usual. There might be a far more manufactured downside so that the bullion banks can easily cover a greater portion of their shorts. Keep in mind; the action is created to shake traders and investors out of their positions in the secular bull metal market.

What's Ahead for Next Week

The American economic calendar will provide several key data numbers for the global markets to absorb, courtesy of personal income, preliminary durable goods orders, consumer confidence, in addition to the overall look at Q2 Gross Domestic Product. Some Fed-speak ready to gather attention, headlined by Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen's address on monetary policy, inflation uncertainty, that will include a Q&A segment session.

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