Trading Week Ended November 3, 2017 

Trading markets ended up finishing the month of October on the upbeat note; volumes had been low on Tuesday. This often holds true whenever a significant Index such as DAX30 is closed having Germany being on a national holiday, and therefore the lack of volume was apparent. However, the Spain’s IBEX35 helped the all-round sentiment. 

The current market is without a doubt pricing up ‘no news’ as favorable nowadays, thus with all the requirement for yield ever found on any calm trading day is perfect for low-grade paper. This is often present when you compare world-wide credits for the countries where it's not unusual to find triple BBB credits trading on equal yield with United States treasuries. 

US Trading Market

Trading in the face of the extremely unpredictable month of October seasonality, American equity markets finished broadly higher, concluding the seventh straight month with positive gains.

Although Tuesday’s momentum has been less than ideal, the whole set of crucial indices ended up hovering around their all-time high levels, without any signal of fearfulness or any kind of bearishness on the horizon.

Trading had been sluggish however constant for those indices to finish another strong month. The S&P500 ended up being exceeding 2% to upside, coupled with 3.5% for NASDAQ Composite. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) wrapped up the month more than 4% higher. 

With that being said the important price action with the indices continues to be mainly on account of just a small number of mega-cap securities, having a sizeable a part of the marketplace not participating in the party. That, along with the eye-catching valuation levels continue to points to higher risk levels coming from an investment point of view. 

It has been mainly the top technology equities which have pulled the markets higher all month long, however with the US Dollar aiding nicely towards their overall performance; this has made a big difference for the month's time. The equity markets continue to be absorbing the notion that any sort of Trump tax reforms could be steady as well as progressive. 

The stock market went higher once more this week, with all of 3 main indices settling at brand new record levels. The S&P500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) rose 0.3% as well as 0.5%, respectively, while the technology-heavy NASDAQ headed the charge, putting in 0.9%. Small capitalized stocks underperformed, finishing the Russell 2000 Index small by 0.9%.

Eurozone and Asia-Pacific Market

The key Eurozone stock markets have spun mixed on Friday. The UK's FTSE100 Index as well as the French CAC40 Index they were both down by 0.1%, while German DAX30 Index added chump change finishing with 0.1%.

Stock markets in Asia-Pacific ended for the most part to the upside as the equity markets grappled having Thursday's Trump's pick of a new Federal Reserve Chief and more specifics of the House's tax reform bill.

Mainland China Shanghai Stock Exchange stock declined, and equities on HK Stock Exchange rose soon after Markit's services sector result report that confirmed increased growth in October, while anxieties regarding regulatory crackdowns via the authorities and also the latest selloff within the bond trading markets festered.

Aussie stocks gathered ground with mining stocks issues finding muscle. South Korean securities traded small to the upside, while Indian equity listings advanced moderately.

Cryptocurrency Market

The Bitcoin's price reached $7500 level following Friday’s abnormal volatility and then retreating under the Thursday’s high price in the subsequent half of the trading session.

The crypto segment hit a historic level on Friday as the Altcoin currency rally and Bitcoin’s an additional price level record day sent the aggregate market capitalization of the crypto coins above $200 billion the very first time. 

Bitcoin Cash and BTC (Bitcoin Cryptocurrency) had been in the midst of attention, however, with the robust reversal particularly in Ripple and Ethereum Classic, Altcoins currency got the center of attention as well. 

Bitcoin cryptocurrency dominance decreased throughout the Friday trading session. However, it continues to stand at 61 percent, with the most valuable crypto coin's market capitalization reaching a new high of the $120 billion level.

Other Market

The prices within the precious metal sector did fall a tad bit more this week, with minus $6.04 for Gold and minus $0.16 for Silver. It's well known that the US Dollar is headed lower, that it's the declared policy of the Fed (Federal Reserve) so that it will go lower. It's also well known that Gold always has been valued for many thousands of years. So, how come we appraise the timeless precious metal in terms of fiat currency? 

It ought to be the other way around. Finacial markets need to, encourage people to think about the price of the US Dollar assessed in Gold, instead of the price of Gold assessed in US Dollars. Therefore last week, the US Dollar was up approximately 24 milligrams of Gold.

West Texas Intermediate crude oil gained $1.10 closing at $55.64 per barrel, and wholesale petrol fuel added $0.02 to $1.79 per US gallon. The Dollar Index, the comparison of the US Dollar to six main global currencies, was 0.2% higher at 94.92 closing for the week.

What's Ahead for Next Week

In the upcoming trading market week, earnings season will proceed to downshift, and the US economic report calendar is going to be reasonably light, with all the JOLTS Job Openings numbers as well as the initial November Consumer Sentiment Index from University of Michigan headlining the screens. But, monetary and fiscal policy continue to wrestle is poised and possibly include some volatility to the stock markets. 

On International front reports going to be out next week which are worthy of mention features: China-trade balance, Consumer Price Index, and Producer Price Index. In Japan, machine orders and trade balance. 

In Aussie land Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) monetary policy decision is a big one. In India, industrial production data. In Europe, there are Markit's business activity reports, retail sales, and investor confidence numbers, along with German factory orders and trade balance data. The UK will show manufacturing and industrial production results, along with Markit's business activity reports, and trade balance.

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