Trading Week Ended November 24, 2017 

Trading Gold is most likely close to the end of its bear market; analysts now are posting increasingly more about Gold. Financial debt happens to be deflationary mainly because it calls for somewhat considerable amounts of money to handle debt, much less paying it off. A living thing can't continue to keep inhaling; living thing has to exhale also.

The reason why the Federal Reserve does not understand this simple explanation. The Federal Reserve keeps inhaling to the choking stage, then when the choking level is hit, rather than breathing out, the Federal Reserve breathes in yet again. The Federal Reserve is convinced that it could breathe in forever - bull market, and don't breathe out - bear market.

US Trading Market

Trading on Wall Street was more decisive with economic numbers are helping to drive American stock market to higher and higher levels. Right now, sentiment drives on with President Trump proclaiming to the American people that they will get a tremendous tax cut gift for Christmas.

Stocks moderately added to this week's gains in a shortened trading week following Thursday's Thanksgiving break and Friday's abbreviated trading session, with volume staying subdued and also the retail segment in concentrating on Black Friday as unofficially started out critical holiday shopping season madness.

The Russell 2000 Index led the best way this week as domestically-oriented small-capacity securities had been moved up beginning the week with 1492.8 and ended the week with 1519.2 adding  26.34 points or 1.8%. 

Elsewhere the main benchmarks finished the week in positive territory. The DJIA Index inched up 32 points or 0.1% to 23,558, the S&P500 Index rose 5.3 points or 0.2% to 2,602.4, and the NASDAQ  Composite Index advanced 22 points 21.8 points or 0.3% to 6,889.

Eurozone and Asia-Pacific Market

Eurozone has witnessed much more muscle in the German DAX Index Friday following business conditions numbers struck fresh highs. Additionally, discussions that there might be a grand coalition have been considered as extremely positive. Nevertheless, one of the key chatting positions encompassed the banks and stories are emerging that Eurozone is getting ready to ease rules concerning bad bank dispels.

This news reports aided most bank securities, however, had an added benefits of a number of the sluggish peripheral banking institutions shares. Attention-grabbing fact is that the federal government bond marketplace is beginning to notice the strain and sellers turn to taking the lead at the moment. As a result, we had mixed finishes with core DAX30 Index, and French CAC40 which both added in about additional 0.3%, and UK's FTSE100 was small down.

Having the relaxing day on Thursday with Thanksgiving holiday celebrated in the US, many traders and investors kept a keen eye on mainland China just after Thursday's 3% market decline. We saw the recurring some weakness in the Shanghai Composite Index for almost all of the Friday but maintained an outstanding rally just before the close to the end of the trading session with a small gain of 0.1%, while HK's Hang Seng Index move-up by 0.5% to conclude the week.

In the land of rising sun, the Nikkei Index spent the majority of the morning hours at a negative territory though rallied in the last 60 minutes to close a with positive 0.1% gain. The Bombay Stock Exchange SENSEX handed a small positive with 0.3% increase on Friday however that's looking toppy and lowers appear to be in the cards of Tuesday, November 28th.

Cryptocurrency Market

With all the most recent increases in crypto coins, the Bitcoin trading market value currently holds at $136 billion (136 thousand million), and Ethereum’s trading market value is right now at $35 billion (Thirty-five thousand million), as reported by CoinMarketCap. 

Friday’s break-out in Ethereum coin was prosperous, as the second most significant cryptocurrency passed the area of the long-standing resistance of $400 and presented double-digit increases subsequently.

As the Ethereum cryptocurrency rally carried on, Bitcoin stayed within the trading range of the most recent few days, in spite of a brief, volatile period. Bitcoin continues to be in the short-term upward trend, and as of this writing is flirting with $8,500 Level. With that being said, the long-term overview is once again extended, and I continue to anticipate a more serious correction within the cryptocurrency shortly.

The latest upward trend in ether crypto coins prices has come at the heels of the hypothesis that the cryptocurrency has been prepared to penetrate the derivatives market. As reported by Bloomberg a week ago that futures contracts on Ethereum could be made available from an unnamed exchange which is going by the code phrase “Virtuoso.” 

Experts say the likelihood of Bitcoin as well as Ethereum futures contracts had been prompted in part by an institutional move towards Bitcoin futures trading. In October, Chicago Mercantile Exchange & Chicago Board of Trade reported intentions to offer Bitcoin futures to institutional traders as well as investors (Learn more here). The futures contracts will also have a built-in system to cope with volatility, which has had developed into part and parcel connected with crypto investing and trading approach.

Other Market

With the recent moves in the US Dollar and Euro Dollar are about to change the Gold and Silver market segments. TradingSig will keep an eye on the US Dollar and will inform our worldwide audience of any critical developments in this area. In the event the US Dollar rallies, it's possible that this move will be employed to assault the prices of precious metals in the paper markets: such as COMEX exchange. 

The Power That Be (central planners) always make an effort to send precious metals prices lower at the end the season. It is all part of the psychological gameplay which is developed to always keep individuals out of the precious metals markets. There have been significant amounts of ammo expended lately in the paper precious metal markets. However the actual physical Gold and Silver obligations are incredibly tight, so it will be interesting to find out just how precious metals trade throughout the next five weeks.

West Texas Intermediate crude oil accelerated by $0.86 to $58.9 per barrel, while wholesale petrol fuel was $0.02 higher at $1.8 per US gallon. Elsewhere, Gold spot price decreased by $3.5 to $1,288 per US ounce, and the US Dollar Index DXY (Index comparison of the US Dollar to six main global currencies) dropped to 92.8 or 0.4%. The Japanese Yen was having fun with low 111’s handle which suggests traders have returned searching for a safe-haven currency trade.

What's Ahead for Next Trading Week

The forthcoming week trading market is going to feature a much more widened lineup of economic numbers, including the New Home Sales on Monday, Tuesday you will have Consumer Confidence. Wednesday mighty revised Q3 Gross Domestic Product, Personal Income, and Spending on Thursday, with closing the week with Friday's Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Index, and Auto Sales reports.

On international economic front reports going to be out next week, Europe is going to post economic confidence, Markit's Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index, and Consumer Price Index, together with UK Markit's Purchasing Managers' Index. In Germany, you will see unemployment change as well as retail sales.

In Asia-Pacific region, there will be posting of China's Manufacturing and non-Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index with industrial profits. In Japan industrial production, retail sales, household spending, and consumer price inflation numbers. In India Q3 Gross Domestic Product, and Australia will report on building approvals.  

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