Trading Week Ended November 17, 2017 

The trading stock markets slid in Eurozone this week, and the Asian-Pacific markets continued the modest rise as the week progressed. Nonetheless, the leading US American indices continue to be holding on healthy advances, even while quite a few stocks don't seem to be confirming all of the rosy picture. The Middle East event is continuously on the weigh on common sentiment since the strains among Iran, and KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) continue to be in the midst of attention.

US Trading Market

The trading on Wall Street concluded an active week with small change, with the benchmark S&P500 shedding only 0.1%. In the meantime, the NASDAQ Index along with Russell2000 small-cap outperformed its competitors, finish with results of 0.5% and 1.2%, respectively. The DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average) slipped 0.3% this week. 

The question nearly everyone is inquiring is when will long-end yields begin to run! Plenty of chat for further rate hikes in the coming year, so we merely need a few (three) to invert the curve; although some are even seeking four interest rate hikes to make it work.

Eurozone and Asia-Pacific Market

Eurozone has been abuzz following Super Mario Draghi’s remarks that economic recovery momentum is placed to continue on in conjunction with indicators of sustainable growth. Despite the fact that he defended the negative rate of interest policy by refusing to admit they have had an immediate effect on Eurozone banking institutions profitability, despite the fact that Deutsche Bank shares are down 33% in the last 36 months.

Draghi furthermore restated patients are necessary; nevertheless one marvels if he at any time asks the BOJ (Bank of Japan) just how long they have been waiting around for returning of inflation! 

In the United Kingdom, Theresa May’s positioning tend to be shakier than ever before, and that placed on the downwards demand in the Eurozone region this week, together with the EuroStoxx50 and also the DAX30 the both under performing their US American competitors. British sources revealed a new decreasing support for the leader of the Conservative Party, having forty Tory members placing signed a letter of no-confidence - WoW this is big stuff.

In the meantime, the key Eurozone stock markets experienced moderate weakness on Friday. As the UK's FTSE100 Index surrounded   0.1%t; the German DAX30 Index, as well as the French CAC40 Index, declined by 0.4% and 0.3%, respectively.

In Asia-Pacific region, equity markets generally migrated higher throughout trading on Friday. The Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index rose by 0.6%. However only off-set the loss of the mainland Shanghai Index with minus 0.5%. India stock market traded very well right after Thursday’s credit rating upgrading which in the end added a further plus 0.7% gain to Friday's push. The Japan's Nikkei225 Index moved up by 0.2%.

Cryptocurrency Market

The cryptocurrency segment came across record trading action throughout last week, due to the remarkable rise and fall of Bitcoin Cash niche which exchanged a share of the market together with the BTC (Bitcoin) with enormous amounts. If you've been bored to death over the past weekend and needed some action, you should have to get into the trading the BTC. It ended on  Thursday at $7,120 level.

As a result of by Friday, Nov 10 traded small at 7.5%, gotten low to $5,605 approximately at 6 pm, and today- Nov 17 was trading near $8,000 area. That's a 25% crash and burn between Friday’s Nov 10 early high and Monday’s Nov 13 low. Are we having fun yet?

Commodity Market

Commodity currencies have been especially having difficulties, in spite of the jump in the price of Gold for a reason crude oil’s move higher. Crude oil’s fundamental perspective enhanced based on the OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries), for the purpose that cartel’s output dropped considerably within the month of October, all the while demand is estimated to raise in 2018. Crude Oil sneaked another constructive trading day in with a plus 2.65% return on Friday heading into the weekend.

By the way, Germans go after the Gold. The Germany is a significant buyer of Gold per the latest report from the WGC (World Gold Council). Not too long ago, Gold was $1,278, and Silver was $17.06. On Friday Gold and Silver finished on COMEX at $1293.4 and $17.27 respectively. Even though the prices have not improved significantly from where we were trading a month ago, a great deal is happening underneath the surface. We are witnessing the market industry which squeezing the hand of TPTB (the powers that be) planners, rather than another way around. This can be excellent news meant for Gold and Silver.

Currency Market

The Euro Dollar and British Pound ticked marginally higher compared to the US Dollar as the currency markets continued to absorb remarks from ECB president super Mario Draghi on an upbeat outlook for the economy.

Other foreign currencies have been calm, even though the US Dollar has a moderate advantage in comparison to the various other major currencies, yet while the challenge concerning the republicans tax plan continues.

What's Ahead for Next Trading Week

An upcoming trading market  week might be to some degree subdued because of the US American Thanksgiving Day holiday on Thursday (Nov 23), even though numbers on durable goods orders and existing home sales will still be prone to draw in attention.

On international front reports going to be out next week which should have given the traders an attention includes: Japan trade balance and the All Industry Activity Index, Aussie land's Leading Index numbers.

Eurozone will report on Markit Manufacturing and Service Purchasing Managers Index and consumer confidence, together with UK's Q3 Gross Domestic Product and business investment sentiment, as well as public sector net borrowing topping with German Q3 Gross Domestic Product and Producer Price Index. 

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