Trading Week Ended March 9, 2018 

Trading market fundamentals had taken a back burner nearly all of this week to a deluge of external marketplaces such as trade war unsupported claims, political changes in Eurozone, central bank events, and also the resignation of President Trump’s senior economic advisor - Gary Cohn. 

Cohn’s leaving the White House inner circle, allegedly over his difference of opinion with the Trump’s strategy to implement steel as well as aluminum tariffs, has been broadly considered as a sign that more and more robust protectionist trade policies are most likely will be coming in the months ahead.

However as the week moved on, investors’ worries moderated, enabling worldwide stock markets to rally. Friday’s American jobs numbers then added a lot more energy to the advance - a big pleasant surprise to mark the 9th anniversary of the beginning of the existing bull market!

Trading Markets

Cryptos: Pessimistic trading became more intense for cryptocurrencies on Friday, as the value of the top crypto Bitcoin decreased under $9,000 to $8370 (TSS projected price was 8299) to finish a miserable trading week. For the week, Bitcoin has lost around 25%.

Many other cryptos followed Bitcoin lower. Ether (ETH) has been down 0.1% at around $703, Bitcoin Cash has been off 2.6% to $1,011-nish and Litecoin after dropping to $160, was back in the green zone, by being up 6.2% at $188 and change. Ripple, after falling 10% has recovered somewhat to be unchanged on the Friday session at $0.83.

The continuing down go in Bitcoin is a follower of a sharp decline on Thursday, which in turn suggested by some was on account of technical factors - I disagree. However, if prices strengthen within the next few days, we then have returned into "Dead Cat Bounce" area, and higher prices are in front of us. 

In case coin can't bounce back within the upcoming few days, TSS $2750 target for Bitcoins will come back into sight.

America: Indeed, an excellent trading session for all Wall Street core indices on the back with the Non-Farm Payroll as we observed the Nasdaq reach all-time highs. Large-capitalized high technology companies, financials, and energy sector all helped core rally plus 1.75% and the sentiment VIX decline by 11%. 

Reports that North Korea is willing to talk and also that Trump has well-accepted the invitation was also helping market sentiment. Money flow into America is heading towards private segment with so many seeking to avoid fixed. This scenario is setting up interesting next week once the US Treasury department issue all that duration.

Europe: Eurozone appears like it is trying to find direction and even Friday Wall Street numbers couldn't help them! The German DAX Index put in most of the morning session in and out of the red zone, and then rallied after the job numbers hit the board. 

However, this has been only to be short-term as posting a plus 1% rally in main American indices could not help the lagging European stock markets, as the core US indices continued with their robust results, it's going to be intriguing to find out upcoming weeks performance. United Kingdom’s FTSE and French CAC both up positive 0.3%, with a small negative for the German DAX Index.

Asia-Pacific: A powerful opening for many core Asian stock markets, although not many could keep up with the opening force. The Japan Nikkei had an excellent morning session way up to more than 1.3% after that had been hit right after lunch yet still maintained a positive 0.5% gain for the trading day and a plus 1.4% on the whole week.

Nervous feelings in front of the US Non-Farms Payroll tended to limit the rally although after looking at the numbers, futures trading have rebounded all the way up. The US data picked up the US Dollar which has pressed the Japanese Yen weaker in the direction of a 107 handle.

Shanghai market wasn't that confident at first, in fact moving into the red zone early. However afternoon, as well as weekend confidence, returned, and the market closed at the day's highs with more than 0.6% gain. The Hong Kong Hang Seng closed virtually where it opened with financials, real estate, and technology sectors all helping create a healthy 1.1% return.

Bombay SENSEX finished lower in the Friday trading session clocking with negative 0.15% and -2% for the week as President Donald Trumps trade talks continuing to keep the market worries.

Elsewhere: Gold has been all the way down as much as $7 at the beginning of the Friday trading session on a robust, yet mixed, jobs report, however, did manage to rack spot price increase of $1.19 to close at $1,323.18 per ounce. Our TSS swing trade hit the target on Tuesday of 1332 as projected on February 23.

West Texas Intermediate crude oil progressed $1.9-ish to a bit over $62 per barrel, together with wholesale petrol gained tiny $0.02 to close at $1.91 per US gallon. 

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