Trading Week Ended March 29, 2018 

This trading holiday-shortened week observed global stocks reclaimed back a portion of the losses sustained earlier when worries increased of a trade war involving the China and US - the world’s two biggest economies.

News reports before Monday’s stock market opening of weekend talks between the China and US, in addition to development over a trade package between the South Korea and the US, at first caused a strong rebound from the past week’s decline. However, securities dove in Tuesday session once again following accounts that the Trump administration has been taking a look at preventing China from purchasing particular sorts of US high technology companies regarded as sensitive to national security, for example, semiconductors as well as 5G wireless communications.

A renewed Thursday recovery cemented a definite conclusion for the week. The bond market surged on-demand for safe havens throughout the marketplace discord, having 10-year US Treasury yields retreating away from latest multi-year high levels.

Trading Markets

Trading Cryptos: What's wrong with Cryptos? No one should be reminded of this; the crypto currency market continues to be struck by an avalanche having prices suffering higher than 75% from its high in later part in December 2018 - January of this year. The top 26 crypto currencies are in the negative territory, with the four majors being lower double digits. Since last week, nine of the top eleven are down over 20%. 

While the most recent trading days experienced a low-volume consolidation in the price ranges with the key crypto currencies, without having robust movements in any direction, Thursday session bears returned and keep on driving prices towards TSS projected T/P's. 

America: It had taken a while, though eventually, the FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google) stocks lastly turned and assisted the entire indices. Facebook jumped 6% - is going to be interesting to find out their reporting at the beginning of May. Amazon online retailer was off 4.5%, however, reversed the move to finish up over 1% on the day.

Worthy of keeping an eye on Year-to-date numbers, as after Thursday trading session the S&P500 is even for the first quarter of 2018, NASDAQ, however, is up at this point 3.2%, and Dow Jones is down 1.4% Year-to-date.

Treasuries once again bid on the demand to appear to come for the very long end. The rate curve for Two and Ten-year notes rally yet back to its flattest for more than a decade. However, great recovery by the day session ends with results close to 1.5% across the board.

Europe: A much appreciated Thursday rally in an effort to fix an awful Q1 for Eurozone indices. Thursday's rally in the German DAX30 may look spectacular having plus 1.3%. However, it remains down minus 6.35% for the quarter. The French CAC40 did a bit better finishing merely minus 2.75% for the Year-to-date, however that has been following a plus 0.75% return on Thursday session.

Asia-Pacific: This being end of the week, month and a first quarter for most which means that this weekend numbers can be very carefully monitored. The Japan Nikkei225 recovered 0.6%. However, the Yen most likely found a lot more discussion compared to stocks following it traded back in at 107 handle before ascending once again in US trading session.

The reassuring news involving talks between North Korea and China was met, naturally, with a very positive reaction around the world. Technology stocks have been crushed enough this week and thus experienced a much-needed rebound on Thursday. Quarter-end most likely helped. Nonetheless, most traders and investors still have worries over in all probability trade frictions. 

China Shanghai Index played out most having a plus 1.25% rally along with HK's Hang Seng adding merely 0.25%. Indian securities have been calm with parts of the country being on holidays spree. SENSEX Index drifted in very light volume closing having a small decline of 0.6%. INR (Indian Rupee) continued to be vulnerable, and it was last seen trading a little bit lagging and weaker round the 65.20 level.

Elsewhere: When the dust was all settled for this first tumultuous quarter of 2018; Gold ended up modest 1.6% for the three month period having a moderate gain, however, a profit nevertheless. Silver precious metal didn't fare very well by being pushed down 3.6% for the same period.

West Texas Intermediate crude oil added 56 cents to close around $65 per barrel, and wholesale petrol was unchanged at $2.01 per US gallon.

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