Trading Week Ended March 23, 2018 

Trading factor: The Fed the very first time under new Chairman Powell, and as anticipated, lifted its benchmark interest rate a quarter-point. The Fed's policy committee reported making improvements to economic perspective as it foresees a higher interest rate hike direction in 2019 as well as 2020, though continuing to undertaking a total of three raises this coming year.

The absence of more ambitious direction for the near term has been viewed as a dovish signal which put a downward strain on the US Dollar. In spite of the Federal Reserve upbeat outlook, worldwide stocks fell as the Trump administration declared tariffs on products from China, increasing worries of a trade war that might pull worldwide growth lower.

Contributing to global concerns had been the increasing rift between the United Kingdom and Russia, a cronyism scandal in Japan, as well as elevated worries that President Trump may fire special counsel Robert Mueller.

Trading Markets

Trading Cryptos: It has been a rough week in the crypto currency segment, in spite of the short-term downfall, with low crypto trading volumes and modest volatility all across the board.

Luckily, the drop did not last for very long, and markets have settled down somewhat as we go into the weekend break. Most crypto currencies are in the positive territory as of this writing on Saturday morning’s trading session.

Bitcoin (BTC) is exhibiting gains with 5.5% on the day, and it is nearing $9,000 level once more. Most other altcoins are also mostly up, and one who is leading the rally is Binance Coin.

America: Futures on Friday traded lagging and weaker and have been down nearly 400 points at one trading period nevertheless recovered in Eurozone session in-order for cash to begin virtually unchanged.  

Rejected an early on, market drifted for most of the time although finally rolled-over into the weekend break. Ending off over 400 points the fear remains to be weekend headline news, and there's not really a lack of where they might pop up from! Next following week is going to be intriguing to see where the stock markets will finish the month of March and also quarter end.

Europe: Eurozone was walloped as well, and it has been the German DAX once again which was feeling the brunt of the vitality, closing all the way down nearly 2%, it was the autos, financials, and heavy manufacturing market sectors where sellers were forced to shed offers to draw in volume.

The DAX Index is currently at levels comparable to March and those of 2017 summer, with significant support for a first-quarter end close to the 11,400 price level an important level to observe next week. Interesting, does not seem too long ago there have been merely a 2,000 points difference between the DAX Index and DJIA (in fact, I  think it was almost 18 years ago - Wow)! 

The French CAC Index also heavy and also pretty much in line, as the UK’s FTSE100 exhibited a tad bit more strength. Mid-session an Italian news headline wobbled BTP’s (Multi-year Treasury Bonds), that also shaken other peripherals. However, almost all were able to recover by the close with a bit of helping hand - and so went the rumor.

Asia-Pacific: Should you be in any doubt just what Asia market thinks of the potential of a trade war, everyone could see the answer on Friday. All main indices lower losses in between 2% and also Japan’s Nikkei225 Index was hit with minus 4.5%. The Yen currency witnessed the flight to high-quality and too at some point was trading employing a 104 handle.

The marketplace appears to have priced in the worst. However, there is nonetheless a one month consultation period before enacted. Count on this kind of uncertainness to go on for a few weeks yet, therefore well worth keeping a very close eye on the first quarter end numbers.

China's Shanghai and Hong Kong's Hang Seng gave back 3.5% and 2.5% respectively. However, Australian ASX200 Index was off just 2%. The Indian SENSEX kept in moderately well shedding only 1.2% with the Rupee carrying the 65 handle. SENSEX Index isn't far from positive support, although the Rupee will continue to look vulnerable.

Elsewhere: While we close our  trading for this week, there are many questions, such as with all the current uncertainty, why there isn't any considerable rally in the Gold market. Even Fridays price action has just taken the market back to the $1350 price level, nonetheless beneath the $1362 figure established earlier. 

The answer is: there has been extensive short covering in the Gold and Silver markets. The bullion banks and commercials covered an enormous quantity of short positions in the precious metal market.

West Texas Intermediate crude oil gathered hefty $1.58 to close around $66 per barrel, and also wholesale petrol has been two cents higher at $2.04 per US Gallon. The DXY (Dollar Index), a comparison of the Dollar to 6 main global currencies, was off 0.5% to close at 89.44.

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