Trading Week Ended March 16, 2018 

Trading equity market segments have been mixed on a week of positive inflation data, countered by a few changes within Donald Trump’s inner circle. Of great interest this week has been the release of the month of February inflation numbers, which has been up 2.2%. 

The numbers were at first perceived favorably by stock markets as it shown that inflation has been steadily picking up with virtually no acceleration and this a more aggressive stride of interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve wouldn't be necessary.

Regardless of the optimism, equity trading markets retreated on Tuesday following the headline news that the Secretary of State, Tillerson (who was highly respected by investors), will be fired. Tariffs issue continued to create news headlines this week, as America wants to implement even more significant tariff programs than anticipated at first with China.

Trading Markets

Cryptos: Trading the cryptos segment experienced a reasonably calm few days following a stormy Wednesday, considering that all the major crypto coins stayed above the lows following the early bounce. The marketplace continues to be lacking after a hefty loss on Wednesday session after Google stated it would definitely bar cryptocurrency-related advertising and marketing and digital currencies have been identified as a “crock” at the US Senate hearing earlier this week.

The regulatory dilemma is continuing to dog the crypto market industry with both bodies pulling in opposing directions. Bitcoin rates pressed higher on Friday as the granddaddy crypto currency seemed to end the week on a positive note. 

With Bitcoin futures, the Chicago Board Options Exchange April contract has been up to plus 2.90% by rising 3.6% to settle at $8,585 for the week, while the Chicago Mercantile Exchange's March contract increased by 3.46% for total 3.9% on the week to close at $8,555.

Among the several other cryptos, Bitcoin cash was up 8.5% trading at $1,017.69, Ethereum was up 0.2% at $612.59, Ripple rose 0.7% to trade at 68.9 cents, and Litecoin was higher by 3.3% at $169.77 zone.

America: Wall Street opened up well bid. However, we had a great deal of options expiry at the final hour which often raises volatility at the close. However, this wasn't to be on Friday. On the week session, the S&P500 has gone down around 1% having real estate weighing on sentiment despite the fact that regional banking institutions benefit it regulatory rumors even with Friday's increase.

Industrial sector also has beaten price levels this week with Boeing Corp. receiving a great deal of the blame down close to 7% from the highs established just a couple of weeks ago. The crucial stage was when the Nasdaq Index turned this week, which struck confidence into the weekend break, a smallish rebound on Friday, however many will be keen to see upcoming weeks.

Europe: Virtually all core Eurozone indices ended up treading water most likely due to the discouraging Consumer Price Index, therefore, had to look forward to Wall Street to offer direction. Russia’s global relationships are paying the price for both their bond markets and currency.

The Russian Ruble hit a thirty day low on Friday settling at 57.75 versus the US Dollar, taking the downfall on the week to about 1.5%. Energy price levels rebounded more than 1.25% on Friday which in turn helped sentiment, however, there is a lot to trade for the upcoming week.

Asia-Pacific: A mixed shop for Asian-Pacific indices with many being on either side of unchanged territory for much on Friday session. The Japan Nikkei Index opened with a tiny gain, however, had been again quickly under pressure as ongoing trade war concerns and American geopolitical concerns.

Not only the Nikkei Index but a majority of Asian stock markets didn't know how to react to this especially before the weekend break. The primary focus for the upcoming week will be the meeting of the Federal Reserve and given that market closed minus 4.8% YTD most will be wishing for real help as the first Q1 will shortly be upon us.

Both China's Shanghai and Hong Kong Hang Seng markets saw similar behavior this Friday with both temporarily lifted into plus zone in the afternoon only to finish lower. The Shanghai market ended on the day's lows minus 0.65% in a lackluster trading market.

India Sensex Index finishes down 1.5% having a 500 point loss of in last minutes of the session. Financials, industrials, and energy were all dragged the hardest at the close to deliver the most substantial one day drop since the beginning of February of this year. In the Aussie land, we were treated to the ASX200 close up 0.45% on the day.

Elsewhere: Gold completed the day being down $2, and that was where it started - with a lackluster $1314 closing price. Silver metal was down as well 13¢ on Friday to conclude at $16.25. The Friday session was kind of reflectivity of an equally tricky trading week - Gold was lower $9, and Silver was down, 31¢ for the week. On the whole, what looked like a long and scrupulous week ended up indeed to have been only a sideways week.

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