Trading Week Ended January 5, 2018 

Trading the markets: I do not believe we'll fully understand much as to what the marketplace intends to undertake for the balance of this year till we get beyond the couple months since there is often a great deal of noise produced by fixed inflows.

It again would not surprise me in any way if this year ended up being just like 1970's. In 1973 to be precise, the marketplace rallied for the first couple of days and then broke apart very drastically over the next several years. However I do not want to prejudge the adventure, so let's observe. 

One of many trading the markets surprises of 2018 is likely to be US Dollar weaknesses, even though it is difficult to get pumped up about any one of the other fiat currencies since they are all merely different versions of the same pathetic concept.

On December 22 with no news reports, cryptos come up with huge moves. In case you have not paid close attention, for no particular reason whatsoever early in the morning of that day and through the remainder of the trading day, Bitcoin along with other cryptos fell apart, given that the Bitcoin traded from about $18,000 level right down to $11,000 very quickly. 

Ever since that time it has done several 'Dead Cat Bounce' gigs, however, has been helpless to do so in any significant way. It is out of the question to state that Bitcoin is done just yet. However, it could be the case: We shall see very soon a time goes by.

The reason why I draw your attention to this matter is that of one important fact: there was apparently no breaking news. This, incidentally, is what takes place in manias, as well as chain letters scams. 

It's a very early to state that this is a situation with Bitcoin. However, it wouldn't shock me if it ended up being just that. At the same time, what is interesting is the fact that, while Bitcoin continues to be under pressure the remaining cryptos have gone somewhat crazy, given that the participants in the crypto environment are pushing the quicksilver around the table.

That might be read as to whether or not the manifestation of strength or perhaps weakness for the entire marketplace. We'll just have to monitor the situation, and I will make an effort to mention something significant which will resurface not for the followers to use as a trading opportunity but more coming from an informational/educational point of view.

Trading Cryptocurrency Market

The trading up-trend has been apparent in the crypto segment on Friday since the latest short-term trends turned around with many of the significant altcoins losing considerable ground, led by Ripple, while the Bitcoin started advancement towards 17,000 level.

Metals And Commodity Markets

West Texas Intermediate crude oil dropped $0.6 to $61.5 per barrel, and wholesale petrol lost $0.02 to $1.8 per US Gallon. In other regions, the Gold spot price lowered by $4.3 to $1,319 per ounce, and also the US Dollar Index, a comparison of the US Dollar to six main global fiat currencies went up by 0.1% to close the week at 91.96.

Despite the modest lower on trading Friday afternoon, Gold was up nine days back to back according to The Big Apple Comex Exchange close-Gold ETF "GLD" was up twelve out of the previous thirteen trading days. The identical thing did happen with a Silver market. That type of run, that kind of muscle, is the course of action where bull markets begin.

American Market

The market started out exactly where it left off Thursday, and also the psychological level of 25,000 barriers plainly jumped, market segments have been robust with volumes escalating. The market data didn't do anything to prevent the enthusiasm with all the joblessness rate at 4.1% as well as Institute of Supply Management (ISM) a little bit discouraging however nowhere close enough to prevent this juggernaut. 

This has been one of the best beginning for the equity markets in more than ten years, and it is unquestionable that the American market is pulling the others alongside.

Granted that the current situations and that everybody appears to be becoming bullish aftereffect should be no real surprise that we see the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) being hit again. Not witnessed a close eight handle yet, but that's undoubtedly merely a matter of time. 

Nevertheless, one ponders why countless investors and traders withdrew from the stock market to deploy into the bond marketplace within the fourth quarter of the last year; think about a whose call that has been!

European Market

The records numbers were continuing to roll in Eurozone once the United Kingdom's FTSE100 and Swissy (Swiss Franc) both finished at more contract highs. The German DAX30, Spanish IBEX35 and, French CAC40 all finished with more than 1% results even though the European inflation data edged lower.

In December the interest rate was 1.5%, however unleashing a 1.4% on Friday was discouraging, however, didn't hurt the stock markets rally. But, we most likely have to keep close track of peripheral bonds in the event the market begins to question Europe's Quantitative Easing program! The Non-Farm Payroll unveiled in the US on Friday did not prevent the renewed excitement for stock markets, and as result market closed on a robust note for the upcoming week.

Asia-Pacific Market 

In Asian-pacific region, it has been quite a fantastic beginning of the New Year as we close tighter on virtually all primary markets as well as across pretty much all central regions. The region superseded American sentiment and even added in an additional 1% for Japan's Nikkei225, 0.75% for Aussie's ASX 200 Index and 0.25% for both China's Shanghai and Hong Kong's Hang Seng. The South Korean KOPSI added in 1.3% following news that North and South countries agreed to have talks Tuesday, January 9.

Exporters made it easier for the Nikkei’s Index advancement as Japanese Yen crack the 113 handle and heads for the weekly print of 114 level. China’s overall performance extended right after robust Purchasing Managers' Index data, along with a general perception that money is beginning to work. The end result was near to a ten year high for the  Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index.

What's Ahead for Next Week Trading

The US trading market calendar for upcoming week kicks off relatively quiet, despite the fact that data on producer and consumer prices together with retail sales will probably draw in interest in the second portion of the trading week.

On the overseas economic front is loaded with data releases including China's Consumer Price Index and Producer Price Index, with lending print, and biggy trade balance. Japan will post wage figures, and trade balance as well. Aussies will report on building approvals and retail sales. India will reveal trade balance, Producer Price Index, Consumer Price Index, and industrial production.

Europe will post investor confidence, together with retail sales, and industrial production, in addition to German industrial production, factory orders, and county trade balance. The United Kingdom will report on manufacturing and industrial production as well as trade balance.

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