Trading Week Ended January 19, 2018 

Trading factor: The central bank-driven financial asset inflation continues to building a bubble into 2018, with numerous equity indices around the world hitting fresh new highs on a daily basis.

The powers that be (TPTB) would have you think that this shows the expanding strength and durability of the worldwide economy. But, no matter what growth there exists, and I believe it's significantly over-stated by way of considerably understating the inflation element of nominal Gross Domestic Products, which is likely to end up being short-lived.

The fundamental dilemma is exposed by the School of Austrian Economics, which in turn appropriately claims that as a debt-driven economic-cycle develops, it requires higher financial debt development at any time to create the identical volume of genuine Gross Domestic Products progress. 

This has in fact been visible in the economic recovery following the year 2008 financial meltdown. Financial debt has increased throughout the world and is right now believed to surpass $225 trillion (that with the "T"), and that is a lot more than Three-times global Gross Domestic Products.

However, fractures in the worldwide economic climate are now starting to surface. Therefore the notion which central banks are likely to tighten significantly and raise interest rates is silly. I suspect the amount of money printing will keep expending right up until hyperinflation overtakes the whole worldwide system. At this stage, all investors and traders ought to have exposure to precious metals (Gold and Silver in particular) bullion and the companies which mine them.

Trading Markets

The American trading market was covered with worries of a possible federal government shutdown. The DJIA in fact traded nervously and also mainly in a negative zone up until the last hour when speculation began to flow that the government closure might be prevented.

We all hear speculation that due to the equity markets ongoing muscle; many are advising the Federal Reserve moves ahead of its month of January meeting! Financials sector are responsible for headway once again on chat of even further deregulation. 

IBM numbers did weigh over the Dow Index at the beginning of the session (influenced by bad results) although was a side mention by the end of the trading day. Virtually all Indices finished higher on the day while sentiment shrugs off the concern with the federal gov shutdown.

Europe: Eurozone stood in stark contrast towards the Asia-Pacific trading markets having a healthy return across the board. Fiat currencies did worsen - Euro Dollar was minus 0.25 and British Pound minus 0.3%. However, equities were over 0.5% overall. The German DAX30 Index has been the star of the show with an increase of 1.15% gain following robust European data once hit the screens.

The Current Account figure entered with 2 Billion higher at 32.5 Billion versus the earlier 30.3 Billion. The United Kingdom FTSE100 after having a weak beginning found its legs and in the end finished about plus 0.4% higher. We did notice a drop in the Index following the Retail Sales data troubled markets. And so the final closing number was an excellent effort.

Asia-Pacific: A good trading day for core Asia-Pacific region although not that convincing. One might spotlight the Aussie ASX200 as one central core which established a weaker overall tone settling with minus 0.15% lower; however, furthermore, we saw the Hong Kong's Hang Seng and Japan's Nikkei225 in and out of hostile territory.

In the land rising sun, the Nikkei225 was much better bid in the early morning session thought traded quite heavy inside the afternoon period even generating a bid into the safe-haven along with Yen currency at 110.6. It did run a gain of 0.2% better on final close, however, checked in with a lot less convincing mode.

Mainland China’s Shanghai and the HK’s Hang Seng indices both completed the better on Asian exchanges finishing with plus 0.4% higher the pair. Reports that the Hang Seng has gotten colossal money inflow for the initial three weeks of 2018, together with talk that real estate is definitely the very hot segment.

The Shanghai Index hit its very best level in almost 36 months even while the on-shore Renminbi hit its 2-year high above 6.4 marks.

Cryptos: I've referred to crypto market the "Wild West" and this recent week was another excellent demonstration of the volatility of this environment. We saw just how government authorities tend to be suffering from paranoia about cryptocurrencies, as both South Korea (Korea) and China spoken about intends to clamp down, as well as prohibit cryptocurrency trading. 

Korea's government authorities cautioned that cryptocurrencies promote illegal behavior, which includes tax evasion, money laundering, and online gambling. Additionally, it claimed that it found it necessary to safeguard these buyers from the loss of their money.

Korea is among the most significant cryptocurrency traders/investors next to the Japan and United States, and the media reports of a restriction set off fear and panic in the Korean crypto marketplaces. As we can observe, the Bitcoin price went free fall from about $14,500 to $9,130 level before performing a “dead cat bounce" by recouping a handful of the losses and trading at $12,500 level in the course of this writing. 

This "Wild West" showcase will almost certainly continue to be volatile for quite some time. For individuals who do would like to put money into cryptocurrencies, this volatility merely provided them an additional opportunity to enter at much lower prices.

Elsewhere: The US Dollar Index (DXY) traded quite heavy on Friday since it smashed the psychological 90 handle in an early trading session. The hot subject matter in Asia and brought into the European markets is a worry that the US government could end Friday in deadlock and this could face a possible federal gov shutdown. 

The yellow metal is traversing to a bit of a bid and also continuously is hovering around the middle of $1330’s level. Crude oil has also been trading quite heavy having its first loss in more than a month and even finishing down more than 1% in the Friday session with the closing price $63.25.

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