Trading Week Ended January 12, 2018 

In trading and investing, Gold and Silver markets attacks of the Deep State now are a total failure. As you're aware, the whole precious metals market has long been under regular assault by the usual suspects ever since the prices actually peaked in the year 2011. This ruthless suppression of the precious metals prices became more intense in the second half of last year.

An excellent illustration of the magnitude of this action took place on the final trading day in December of 2017. When on a quiet session day the Gold OI (Open Interest) on Comex exchange increased by more than 20,000 contracts-representing greater than Two million notional ounces of Gold as metal ultimately recovered towards the $1,300 price level. Just what legitimate in his or her right mind might short that much Gold at these price levels on a serene, single trading session?

This kind of action will be taken none other by the large bullion banks as well as commercial players, inside the given directions from the Western governing bodies, orchestrated via the BIS (Bank for International Settlements), while they try to hide the hyperinflationary facets of their monetary policies.

This has gone on for a very long time in the face of persistent financial, economic debasement world-wide, in which the precious metals, Gold, Silver, as well as Platinum now are mispriced concerning just about any other asset in the world that it has turned into a dangerous prank.

You will find there's no more excellent illustration of the degree of this trading actions than the price variation in between Platinum looked at as by the contra - a Gold cartel, with Palladium. Both of these metals contain comparable commercial uses as well as fundamentals.

About ten years ago, Platinum rose rapidly to $2,200, while Palladium languished about from $500 to $600. These days the Palladium price is much higher than that of Platinum by way of a lot more than $100. Which is, by the way, no accident, therefore it merely shows the control of the Deep State in these days.

Yet, I believe the worm is lastly turning due to the fact Asian region demand and interest for Gold, is slowly and gradually overpowering the Western central banking institutions. Regardless of official figures as well as the continuous, unsupported claims of Western banks which claim that inflation is not high enough, inflation is currently rearing its ugly head just about everywhere you look.

Just take a look at, housing market prices, foodstuff, healthcare, and particularly financial assets, in fact, it is generously apparent that their freewheeling policies within the wake of the 2007/8 financial ordeal currently have set up the whole world for a more severe catastrophe this time around.

Therefore, I sincerely feel that traders and investors could be early and should wait for an inevitable, however, you cannot wait too long, or else you will be at a loss for the swift changes in marketplaces.

Trading Markets

Remarkable trading session for the American indices leaping off of the backside of data and earnings postings. All primary market segments registered a lot more records nevertheless with all finishing close to plus 0.7% higher on the final day of the week.

The Bond marketplace has been once again stimulated into life and particularly the front end. Two-year notes smashed the psychological and mental barrier of 2%, however apart from overall higher yields throughout the curve, basically the only outcome is this go back to a flattening yield curve.

Along with Friday's results from its increased healthcare bills as well as higher rents that seemed to be in complete focus, however well worth knowing how is the massive development in debt. Wouldn't be a shock to find out more flattening if despite the presence of higher overall yields. Main indices showed a robust finish with plus 0.8% in the trading session.

Europe: In spite of optimistic news that Germans might have a breakthrough on the national political coalition front, Europe was unchanged until taking the encouragement from Wall Street. The American Retail Sales number was the predominant release on Friday which followed tightly by a few robust, critical corporate results.

The British currency (GBP) and Euro Dollar were much better bid with plus 0.1.1% and 0.8% respectively into the close following speculation that a few central European counterparties - Holland, Spain, and Portugal had been in support of a much softer BREXIT outcome as opposed to what is presently staying priced-in.

More often than not, the consensus is going to be adverse equally for both counterparties. Nearly, almost all leading markets finished with plus 0.25% higher across the trading board.

Asia-Pacific: The Japan Nikkei225 Index continue to suffer from the robust currency move posting negatively on Friday trading session with plenty of the sell-off showing up late in afternoon session. The currency (Yen) hugs the 111 handle and continues to be robust on account of  US Dollar weaknesses.

Traders and investors saw an excellent reaction in the Hong Kong's Hang Seng index on Friday, with the plus 1% overall performance noted taking it to yet one more short-term record stage. The mainland Shanghai Index also finished confidently with plus 0.2%. China’s Trade numbers didn't meet up with the broadly anticipated 13% releasing with 4.5%, and that is most likely the reason why Shanghai Index lagged.

The Aussie's ASX200 and India's SENSEN both finished a lot better with the ASX200 outperforming only at the closing where began the afternoon in negative area, and the Index was mirroring the China's numbers.

Cryptos: The world’s most significant cryptos were unable to remain in the green this week following a probable clampdown on crypto exchanges by South Korean authorities which sent the whole market capitalization of all digital coins lower by nearly 25%.

Elsewhere, West Texas Intermediate crude oil improved by $0.50 to close at $64.30 per barrel, and the wholesale petrol was $0.02 better at $1.85 per US Gallon. The Gold spot price went up by $15.90 to close at $1,338, and also the US Dollar Index (DXY) has been 1.0% lower with concluding at 90.97 on the day.

What's Ahead for Next Week Trading

After the lengthy, American holiday weekend break, corporate earnings news will probably be in focus this coming week, as the reports begin to pick up heavy steam. Numbers on consumer sentiment, housing starts, industrial production, and regional manufacturing will also be more likely to appeal to traders and investors. The Fed is likewise due to putting out its Beige Book report.

On the international economic front, you will have numerous reports which could form next week's trading market action. In Europe, you will see the CPI (Consumer Price Index), trade balance, new car registrations. The United Kingdom will present us with retail sales, and inflation statistics. 

Aussie's stats are employment change. China's news will be Q4 GDP (Gross Domestic Products), retail sales, industrial production, and property prices. The land of rising sun will come with machine orders. India's showcase is Consumer Price Index, industrial production, and trade balance.

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