Trading Week Ended December 8, 2017 

After trading session closed last Friday (Dec 1) afternoon, we learned that the ABC News report about Michael Flynn was merely in part accurate and most likely nowhere close to as bothersome for the Trump administration the way it initially looked. 

And then, early on Saturday (Dec 2) morning, the US Senate passed on the tax reform bill - as expected. As a result, I kept a very close watch about how precisely the market started out Sunday night (Dec 3) and ways in which it will trade Monday (Dec 4), most abundant in significant possibilities development being in the event the market sold the news reports.

On Monday trading session I took a bit of unusual action by shorting S&P500 Index and going long NASDAQ100 Composite, this particular different trading arbitrage happen for me the very first time in several months, although both entries were small positions.

Early in the morning, a NASDAQ rally reduces the losses to just about nil, and the price action had been set for a very sharp move to the upside (I was cautious and declared that no-way would I allow this trade go against me). However that rally fizzled, and so I ended up getting stopped out in my long position. NASDAQ it then folded and traded to the lows for the day. However, it did attempt to stabilize but alternatively fell yet again to close lower with slightly over 1% on the day.

I bring this up for the reason that I was surprised the number of different markets opened at the certain level and then quietly sat there. Demonstrating an ugly trend being the way the market sold news reports, and also which did not strike me as what exactly you might see whether the trends in place would keep on motoring in the similar path. 

If you are experiencing frustration with the latest markets, I'd just like to remind you that you're not alone. My mentor Paul Tudor Jones, who is as bright with regards to trading and investing the markets as anyone, has opted to shut down one amongst his hedge funds because he has not been able of doing that well within this insidious trading setting where nothing at all makes sense anymore.

There have been numerous quotes coming from Jones over the past weekend. However I want to share this particular one: “In the face of a shock, investors and traders may be surprised to find themselves jammed running for the exit.

US Trading Market

Trading on Wall Street ticked upwards this week as investors and traders preparing for a year-end the bonus padding in swamp arena (Washington DC). The DJIA and the S&P500 rose 0.4% each, closing Friday's session at fresh new highs, although the technology-heavy NASDAQ Composite underperformed, shedding 0.1%. Small caps stocks had trouble this week, pressuring the Russell2000 small by 1.0%.

Ultimately, it had been the US Senate's passing of the massive Republican tax bill which made price swings, tossing stock market trading for a never-ending loop for a few days this week running as investors and traders position along the areas likely to gain most. Without having another market sector which has experienced the impact of this newest frantic trading to the degree that technology segment has.

The new price actions have not been sexy for the market sector. Thought of like the Wall Street most important shining example of sturdiness for the majority of 2017, technology companies were feeling the burden as traders and investors currently have sold-out of high-priced positions to fund acquisitions of lagging areas, such as telecom and financials. This so-called unique rotation has mainly got played out beneath the surface of central stock indexes such as the DJIA and S&P500, leaving behind the benchmarks at the whim of intra-industry cross-currents.

This trading pattern was in use on Monday, with all the technology-heavy NASDAQ index heading downward 0.4%, as the S&P500 risen 0.5% and the DJIA increased 1%. The following price action was mirrored on Friday, once the NASDAQ Composite dropped by double the amount of the S&P500, even though the latter lowered nearly as much as 1.5% when using intraday base.

Exactly why has got technology shares turn out to be this sort of lightning rod for variation as the Wall Street game heads into an entirely new volatility regimen? As mentioned earlier, technology stocks are near close to unheard of valuations. Next, the tech sector currently has got the third-lowest taxation rate of any industry, by data published by S&P Global.

Which means they are less inclined to benefit from a Trump's corporate tax cut really, and traders and investors know that by yanking capital and locating it somewhere else. That is a lot more than offsetting the possibly positive aftereffect of a one-time repatriation taxation holiday, which can be expected to make stronger mega-cap technology companies.

In the long run, although technology shares have got damaged as volatility has got picked up, trading price action swings are eventually a good thing for investors and traders likewise. The more significant movement there is, the higher chance there exists to make money from inefficiencies as well as dislocations. The particular things which hedge fund professionals, as well as other prominent players, are proud of the ability to find.

Eurozone Market

Eurozone has been abuzz with all the levels as well as anticipations of Bitcoin as well as reports on BREXIT talks activity. British Pound had rallied in front of any sort of announcements, given that that was more buy the rumor sell the actual fact as it spun to the south the moment the press conference concluded.

Financial sector led the majority of Friday's rally with primary indices bettering throughout the spectrum. The US payroll numbers made it easier for afternoon sentiment while it decreased only just at the closing session. Nevertheless an excellent gain of approximately plus 0.5% although with FTSE100 and DAX30 nearer to 1%.

The second-round of BREXIT package will be debated with the European Union politicians next week. However, a lot more pressing is going to be this weekend coverage by the media. Appearing very much like a soft focus on a postponement carrying on for several years and even then UK Parliament would need to consent to both.

Bad news concerning either the British Pound or Euro-Dollar with next weeks Federal Reserve (Fed), Bank of England (BOE) and the European Central Bank (ECB) events and just the Federal Reserve expecting to be in play. 

Asia-Pacific Market 

Asia-Pacific started out where the Wall Street off and encouragement in front of mixed jobs report on Friday, a US government shut-down avoidance and also expected to push higher with a BREXIT deal, which in turn played on the back of British Pound muscle. For the Japan's Nikkei225, it felt essential that we were treated to a 1.5% rally on Friday getting us back to an approximately flat trading week.

The Gross Domestic Product data definitely made it simpler for sentiment shooting the market 1.4% expectancy and also posting an outstanding plus 2.5%. The Japanese Yen dropped a bit obviously with minus 0.4%, however, that had been a full, considerable number change and it was in-place in front of the US job report number. 

China’s economic numbers were also in the news along with trade stats much better than estimated, contributing to an actual HK's Hang Seng Index gain of 1.2% and mainland China's Shanghai Index being up 1.1%. Along with the near 1% move for the SENSEX (Bombay Stock Exchange Sensitive Index) definitely, these were robust and warranted finishes for Asia-Pacific.

Precocious Metals Market

In trading precocious metals, I have been making the scenario that Gold and Silver is undoubtedly on the threshold of the maintained bull marketplace. During the past ten years and a half, China has overtaken the United States as the most dominant global trader. China, that, much like the rest of the world, had gotten burned with the 2008 Wall Street financial meltdown, and naturally is leery of the US Dollar.

It prefers a worldwide monetary system which is not depending on the US Dollar, or even any fiat currency in fact. China has a profound abiding trust in Gold, and it has happened to be gathering Gold as it expects to lead to a monetary model where Gold is going to be a primary component. Execution of such a monetary system is going to be one good reason that Gold will explode.

One other is going to be developing natural resource scarcities. These, as well, connect with China’s increase as the nation continuously initiate the growth of vast amounts of infrastructure through the entire East, which includes China itself.

Yellow metal prices plunge to $1,260 on Tuesday this week as the price of Silver fell under $16. It proved that both metals had been susceptible to a purging. The best part about it is that we had been witnessing short covering in the Silver market before the tumble in the last week.

Commodity Markets 

West Texas Intermediate crude oil improved by $0.67 to $57.4 per barrel and wholesale petrol put on $0.02 to $1.72 per US gallon. In another market, Gold spot price went $0.7 better to $1,248 per ounce, and the US Dollar Index, a comparison of the US Dollar to six key global fiat currencies, was 0.1% better closing at 93.9 for the week.

Cryptocurrency Market

Pretty much all eyes continued to be on Bitcoin (BTC) as well as the main altcoins as trading action gone through the roof within the cryptocurrency segment on account of the dramatical rally and also the very sharp correction in the market connected with BTC. The crypto coin hit another all-time high on pretty much all exchanges, despite the fact that at broadly diverging levels, since some exchanges fell apart beneath the weight of the record-setting volumes.

BTC dropped around $3000, that greater than 20% top-to-bottom, although as of this writing the cryptocurrency is recovering strength, and now we could be in for an additional intriguing weekend in the crypto segment. Although it would seem most likely that the new correction is probably just about to happen, selecting a top in BTC at this point isn't a straightforward job, even while the price action indicators are off the charts.

Having Bitcoin “bubble” sentiment smacking a record day after day, the results from the frenzied buying overindulge will probably be pretty horrific for even the staunchest of Bitcoin bulls. will keep an eye on the way in which Bitcoin trades within the forthcoming weeks and months and bring up to date the visitors to this website as necessary.

What's Ahead for Next Week Trading

Exploring the trading market forward, the Federal Reserve is most anticipated to declare an interest rate hike of 25 basis points this coming week, which will give us the 1.25%-1.50%  Fed funds range.

On international reports due out next week to look out for will be Europe's ECB monetary policy decision,  Markit's business enterprise action data, the trade balance, and also industrial output, together with German Consumer Price Index, and investors sentiment index. The primary focus in the UK will be the BOE monetary policy decision, Consumer Price Index, retail sales, and employment change.

Japan's industrial production, machine orders and capacity utilization, and the Q4 Tankan Large Manufacturing Index. China will post Producer Price Index and Consumer Price Index,  retail sales, industrial production, and lending statistics. India Consumer Price Index, trade balance, and industrial production. And Aussies will report employment change.

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