Trading Week Ended December 29, 2017 

Trading in 2017 has turned into a great year for Ethereum. Prices currently have reached an all-time high of $800 and are also processing almost double the amount transactions of bitcoin at a one million per day.

As we get into 2018, I do believe Ethereum is going to be future Facebook because of a lot of use that I'm uncovering where small industrial sectors which gain considerably from decentralization and transparency.

Ethereum is your app (application) shop witch specializing in the blockchain. It enables makers to create as well as run applications without needing to be worried about the underlying “operating” system much like Apple.

I see the capital moving into Ethereum as well as the overall crypto market as being a good thing. We've got the technology underpinning Ethereum which has many real-world usages which have not yet been revealed to you, and cash has been funneled into revolutionary Ethereum projects by way of ICO's (Initial Coin Offering) at the remarkable rate.

Mark Suckerburg started Facebook (with some help of course) at the early age of something like 20 about thirteen years ago by stealing the code from Leader Technologies' invention, which has changed the way you and I communicate with our colleagues, friends, and family.

Vitalik Buterin, the founding father of Ethereum, started out Ethereum likewise at the early age of 20 around three years ago as a result of honest effort and hard work building the program code from the ground-up. Over the next a decade, Ethereum will significantly transform the way we interact with the world.

Lots to look forward to in 2018 so Happy New Year everyone!

Trading Cryptocurrency Market

The cryptocurrency trading market continues to be creating news headlines through the entire Xmas break, as the non-stop industry absorbed last week’s semi mini-crash, with the essential coins all rebounding drastically off their low levels. Although Bitcoin has been relatively vulnerable throughout the Xmas weekend, it did find a way to press higher this week, and traded over the $16,000 level, for the time being, nearly 50% higher than the actual semi mini-crash lows. As of this wring price to hover around $13,000.

The Bitcoin indeed could be in for a hectic ride, undoubtedly, as long as the long-term overview continues to be well extended following a most recent leg of the famous bull run. However, the only certainty at this point is how the forthcoming 2018 days will jump start in action.

Metals And Commodity Markets

Trading action stayed at tepid throughout asset classes, as a lot of traders pretty much called it a year. However, some exciting trends continued to be intact, particularly the strength of Gold, and Silver. With Gold spot price was heading higher by $8.29 to close over $1,303 crucial resistance level, and Silver was closing just shy of the $17 mark at 16.90.

The precious metal, my favorite long-term investment, continues to be trading about $1300. However, the rising yields and gains in equities, the 2017 overall performance of Gold is obviously admirable. 

Additionally, the long-term trend definitely changed to bullish move, along with a close over $1300 is verifying the upcoming leg of the nascent bull market move within the safe-haven asset.

To put it bluntly, the long-term bullish trend is quite sturdy for the price of Gold, and Silver along with the high-quality mining stocks, even though gaming the metals will take place in the paper COMEX market with the bullion banks and commercials covering their short positions.

For all those Gold and Silver bulls, the wind power is currently at your back that will continue to be this way for several years to come as the prices of Gold and Silver make their approach to fresh new all-time levels. All that's needed here is patience. 2018 will be laid out to become a tremendous time for precious metal bulls.

Crude oil traded much better on the unexpected output decline adding an almost 1% on Friday trading session on top of the 13% Year-to-date rally. Elsewhere, US Dollar Index-a comparability of the US Dollar to six main global currencies: was 0.4% lesser closing at 92.3 for the year.

American Market

US markets started out lower following the Xmas break, with the NASDAQ Composite at the forefront posting more small, as a result of a considerable cut in the forecasted deliveries of the Apple iPhone X, company flagship smartphone.

On Friday markets were drifting on the final trading day of the year, however, close on a positive year for all those primary indices. The atmosphere Tuesday will probably be set with early activity with all eyes looking for if the market is to open with the contracts on a high note. 

DowJones Index ends an almost 26% Year-to-date better, S&P500 is up 20% and NASDAQ Composite more than 30% greater. Never ever ceases to surprise me how Gold can be interested in the last month, quarter and year-end number in regards to what might be its final test out in this move; it may perhaps fit quite beautifully for the New Year.

The relative muscle in Small Caps stocks, which has been one of much subject matter of the pre-holiday occasion, carried on, and this might indicate one more round of new all-time highs in equities throughout 2018, despite the divergences as well as the demanding overvaluation.

The tax reform bill currently has run its course, and already the marketplace is looking for fresh incentives in-order it preserves its firm overall tone. The incoming money stream is going to be proof most are looking for, however as this develops it will become visible the bigger it grows.

European Market

Volumes were not surprisingly the shadow of their past weekend. However, the previous trading before the extended weekend, as well as End Of Year, is easy to understand. Having said that, the UK’s FTSE100 closed down on the much more upbeat note being up plus 0.8% along with a record high levels in what turned out to be the last-minute spike.

The German DAX30 and French CAC40 were both negative closing down 0.5% on the day, while the Italian FTSE MiB (Milano Italia Borsa), dealt with renewed political instability.

This closes the UK FTSE100 with plus 11% Year-to-date, German DAX30 with 14% Year-to-date, French CAC40 with 10% Year-to-date, Spanish IBEX35 roughly a 7% Year-to-date return and the Italian FTSE MiB with 13% Year-to-date

Asia-Pacific Market 

Year-end accounting ledger squaring outweighed better economic numbers yet to close the Japanese Nikkei225 a little bit weaker on Friday session, however, the index ends up with whopping 34% on the Year-to-date. Previously printed positives were lost into the close, however, most likely as the result of a better Yen currency trading towards the 112 level.

Both, the HK's Hang Seng Index, and mainland Chinese Shanghai Index closed a lot better on Friday with 35% and 20% Year-to-date respectively. South Korea's KOPSI  Index also settled on a robust note putting in an additional 1.2% on the day. 

What's Ahead for Next Week Trading

The trading market calendar for next week will get underway somewhat quiet. However, the closely watched month-to-month Non-Farm Payroll report is probably going to draw in considerable interest upcoming January 4, 2018. 

Traders will also be very likely to focus on news reports on construction spending data, private sector employment number, manufacturing results, and service sector action. On an overseas front, we will have some manufacturing and services Purchasing Managers Index reads, along with Consumer Price Index reports from the Germany and rest of Europe.

The Fed (Federal Reserve) is also timetabled to launch the minutes of their most recent monetary policy gathering on upcoming Wednesday (Jan 3), potentially shedding off some light on the outlook for rates of interest plan in the new year.

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