Trading Week Ended April 6, 2018 

Trading equity markets came into the second quarter somewhat skittish, having publicized the very worst three months in more than a couple of years. Trading and investing volume were rather light, as numerous markets in Eurozone and Asia-Pacific have been closed second Easter day on Monday. Mainland China and Hong Kong markets took a mid-week break to celebrate Qing Ming Festival (Tomb-Sweeping Day) holiday. Thus the place has been set for a sharp decline as a lot of unfavorable trade news reports came at investors.

The VIX Volatility index has rallied healthy 15% and traded within the 21.5 level. Should to form a mental image of the ETF (Exchange-traded fund) markets are experiencing outflows so is establishing for the scramble back-in later on in this second quarter.

Trading Markets

Trading Cryptos: Even though all rally efforts didn't work so far within the crypto currency segment, and the lack of strength in altcoins, particularly in Ripple and Ethereum has been the predominant drive; the secular trend continued to be intact. The majority of the major's coins continue to be sitting on high results, not including the last couple months of 2017 as well as a subsequent pullback.

With that being said, investor sentiment is gloomy, and also the sharp decline of the last ninety days had taken the most significant coins back to the earlier major break-out price levels of the bull market. Along with previous instances, these types of price levels proved essential in the reversal of the trend, along with the present oversold momentum print, along with the excessive sentiment, a vital bottom is likely to be ahead, following completion of Trade Selector Signal T/P's.  

America: Concerns of an all-out international trade war rattled and shook investors and traders and sent stock market plunging. Also, Friday American jobs data was a lot less than impressive for the markets to absorb, and the earlier deficits have been observed in futures just accelerated via the Friday trading session.

The decline saw the S&P500 Index closed down below its significant support levels the very first time in more than two years, and 2.5% weaker, breaking the 6th longest streak ever preceding that mark. Towards the session close, Dow Jones Index was over 750 points lower, having the final thirty minutes saw a 200 point rally by having an end of 23933. I guess most of these algorithms aren't that kind after all.

Europe: Key Eurozone markets all stormed to strong results following the early week sell-off and also were able to hang on as the week concluded. The European region jobless number dipped towards the lowest level ever since December 2008, and even the composite Purchasing Managers Index, while marginally lower, stayed at well over the expansionary mark. 

Asia-Pacific: China started out the trading week with the headline news of a somewhat limited package of tariffs in retaliation about latest American protectionist announcements nevertheless followed up using a lot larger and much more substantial counter punch a couple of days later. 

Mainland China Index and Hong Kong Hang Seng posted losses. Adding to the trade problems, China’s Caixin service Purchasing Managers Index fell to the lowest level since November of 2017. But, Japan Index at the same time rose back into the green zone for the week. 

Currencies: The Japanese Yen continues to be weak even though after weak US employment figures, and the DXY Index given back most of Thursday's gains as futures did drift in sympathy along with weak Dow Jones into the weekend break. The Euro Dollar rallied slightly versus US Dollar, and this was most likely why Eurozone securities wobbled in the beginning.

Elsewhere: With another crazy trading week, record short covering up has taken place in the Gold and Silver marketplace as the usual suspects (bullion banks, and commercials) have become probably the most bullish on Silver of all time as the players covered metals short positions.

The yellow metal ended Friday on the plus note ending the week at $1334 with a decent gain of $2.50 on the day. Silver, conversely, dropped 4¢ to conclude the week at $16.41. West Texas Intermediate crude oil was $1.48 small at $62.06 per barrel, while wholesale petrol was two cents lower at $1.95 per US gallon.

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