Trading Week Ended April 13, 2018 

Worldwide trading stock markets advanced as the America and China took time out from trade provocations and permitted investors to look forward to the starting of the 1st quarter earnings reports.

Boosted by latest tax reform, the S&P500 earnings are anticipated to reveal the growth of nearly 20%. While trade tensions are down, Middle East strains increased, moving crude oil prices to their best levels since the year of 2014.

How about those cryptos! Given that crypto markets have held a quick but impressive rally, some good news it seems to follow.  Is all of this coincidental or perhaps does asset value for money push the headlines? Well below are some headlines which all of a sudden showed up as the rally unfolded.

The central bank in Russian Federation is working together with Ethereum to produce a system intended for pan-Eurasian financial transactions. Moody’s, the giant credit rating firm, boasts that blockchain technology can help to save the mortgage industry over $1 billion. 

And then, the Spanish Bank Santander and Ripple declared the kick off of the very first blockchain global payment services for retail clients. Followed by BoA (Bank of America) applies for the patent for the blockchain app intended for the safe-keeping of health records.

And not be left out there is news that first Soros invests in cryptocurrency, and now Rockefeller - Is Buffet next?

Now, has all of this surprising good news a significant contributor to the crypto market rally or its vice versa?  Bottom hunters investors think that prices push the story. No one has got the answer to this type of secret question.  

However, what exactly we do understand is that as soon as value investors carry out their intended service, momentum buyers usually take control from there. Is This the next stage toward re-establishing confidence towards the crypto marketplaces? Stay tuned.

Trading Markets

America: Trading markets started out confident on the back of robust numbers coming from financials, however, the dilemma that marketplaces will be closed for the following couple of days indeed frightened a few. A weekend break is a very long time in politics nowadays, and with so much on the line, many chosen to take capital off the table.

In spite of this, with money market volumes falling yet their derivative segment expanding, one will soon have to question which leads which! Perhaps not very important for next week, however, will most likely be due in this year second half.

Europe: Eurozone equity markets are beginning to appear like the bond market following this type of calm trading day. Chat is the fact that volumes stay low, orders tend to be quiet with so many professing geopolitical worries dictating orders placed. Confidence happens to be weak, most notably following bad Q1 results, and therefore they turn to American markets for guidance.

Plenty of talks, in and out of the town, of Prime Minister  May’s steps concerning Syria along with French claims of actual proof. The North America sell-off markets didn't impact European markets as came too late, and now we have to wait for Monday's trading presuming no weekend headlines.

Asia-Pacific: Asia-Pacific continues to be predominantly far better bid but for the Shanghai Index. Here we observed values move in the afternoon trading to close on its lower end of minus 0.6%. 

Trade numbers were unexpectedly bad for China posting an almost $5 Billion deficit. The HK's Hang Seng Index dropped with it, however, to be fair has been plus or minus small all day long. The Japan Nikkei Index enjoyed positive 0.55%, however most likely on the back of a weakened currency (Yen). 

The currency traded back over 107 handle and also seemed comfy there right up until late Wall Street weakness delivered a safety bid for most issues in front of the weekend break. Thursdays superstar performer, the Indian SENSEX Index, traded very well at first however moved back to near unchanged following a regional trend. 

The majority are observing currency actions in Hong Kong as talking is the currency peg has been tested on a daily basis. It has not traded outside the 7.75 - 7.85 spread ever since 1985, so at Thirty-three years is way overdue - it is worth keeping an eye on it!

Elsewhere: The boost in crude oil prices - WTI (West Texas Intermediate) gathered more than 8 percent - has been stimulated by a few geopolitical movements which outweighed somewhat bearish evaluations of American inventory and production levels.

Yellow metal Comex futures contract - June 2018, gathered $6.70 on Friday and is currently trading at $1,349 per ounce. Yellow metal finished higher on four of the five sessions this week, which resulted in an $11 gain. This excellent mark is the second continuous week of higher prices for Gold.

In Summary: High technology stocks predominantly have dominated equity market performance in much of the entire week. Enthusiasm for the stock market globally in upcoming week is now facing a test.

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