Trading In Volatile Markets 

Currently trading stock markets along with cryptocurrencies tend to be disregarding the risks in the world. And we're not only considering financial risks. Geopolitical risks are escalating in many parts of the world. In Germany, Merkel has difficulties building a coalition government, in Ireland government is on the verge of collapse, and the BREXIT negotiations on divorce proceedings are a complete farce. 

United Kingdom's PM (Prime Minister) Theresa May and Great Britain have been kept at ransom by an unaccountable, unelected and utterly reckless Brussels elite snobs. They're a lot more focused on keeping their political power rather than carrying out what's most suitable and best for the European citizens.

Is trading cryptocurrencies is the most suitable option for fiat currency, which is supplied as well as controlled through governing bodies? The free market seems to like it

The problems within the Middle East region has become somewhat more severe each day. Will likely Prince MBS (Mohammed bin Salman) be satisfied with his coup? He'll almost certainly have created numerous foes who're more likely to bring about his challenges in the foreseeable future. Furthermore, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has got problems throughout the region as well, like Syria, Iran, along with Yemen. We can easily find considerable troubles in the Middle East beginning in 2018.

It's no surprise that KSA is turning away from the declining United States almighty power to China as being a strategic and principal partner. For the United States, KSA has only a strategic and tactical value so long as the petrodollar trading rules the world. However as the lifespan with the petrodollar is coming to a concluding end within the next number of years, the balance of political power will change considerably towards the petrol-yuan. 

Trading Economic Freedom vs. Politics

That being said, is trading cryptocurrencies is the most suitable option for fiat currency, which is supplied as well as controlled through governing bodies? That's unsurprisingly just what the issuers along with investors and traders in cryptos presently are convinced.

The entire value of cryptocurrencies is $300 billion as of this writing, raise from $14 billion in one full year. Cryptocurrencies are classified as the most significant Ponzi scheme within modern day history. It's very much like chain letters as well as pyramid schemes as is known today. The issuers of cryptos are earning a lot of money along with a number of the speculators who got into early on. The entire thing will undoubtedly blow-up, and unfortunately, late newcomers will suffer severe losses.

Just like all manias, cryptocurrencies will undoubtedly go up a lot higher. However, it is the type of bubble that is generated by the end of an economic era. The majority of the players think that cryptocurrencies will undoubtedly substitute fiat currency as well as Gold. In my humble opinion, there is very little chance of that. However, I am not planning to get into details concerning this for the time being. Anybody interested may find a significant number of articles or blog posts on trading Bitcoin vs. Gold clicking here or elsewhere.

Cryptocurrencies aren't any different from tulip bulbs bobble mania. You can't produce real dough out of thin air and experiencing it to double every couple of weeks. There is a wide range of concerns such as security, taxation, regulations, rigged markets, and speeds of a trading transaction, etc. Price levels rise on little or no volume level.

Furthermore, the cryptocurrencies market won't be able to withstand any kind of selling push whatsoever. A small-scale volume of constant selling is going to take the price to zero in no time. However, time will tell. Just like all manias, cryptocurrencies will go a lot higher. When the music ceases to play, the trading cryptocurrencies market is going to go back to exactly where it began, that's nil, zero.

Final Thoughts

Typically the blockchain technological know-how, which isn't entirely new, will probably see a wide range of applications in numerous fields, for example, trading securities, precious metals, science, commerce, business and personal banking, etc. Therefore, cryptocurrencies should not be mistaken for Gold. They've practically nothing that is similar to Gold. The first one is an electronic digital entry, and the Gold is an in short supply substance which is the sole currency which has held up for over 5,000 years. It's unlikely that cryptocurrencies will likely replace precious metal as currency for an additional thousand years. 

I do know many Gold traders and investors which are lured to purchasing cryptocurrencies rather than Gold. Greed forces individuals to make hasty judgments by chasing after resources which realize rapid value. The NASDAQ marketplace in the course of 1998/99 is an excellent example. The NASDAQ market continued doubling right up until each, and every amateur trader and investor was up to his / her eyeballs as to what ended up being many worthless technology securities. Then the NASDAQ market has folded by way of 80 percent. The real difference with many cryptocurrencies is that they will likely downfall by 100 percent.

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