Trading The Signal And "Keep It Simple, Stupid" Principle

As a trader, trading the signal with KISS rule which says, "keep it simple, stupid!" stands out as the simplicity, claim all the experts, is your friend.

This article is about the power of straightforward, and simple start off and stops having a razor-sharp complete focus. By far the essential things you must do to achieve success whenever short-term trading or investing for a source of income or long-term trading for prosperity is to develop the most active focus.

What I mean is the following. Like a day or position trader, all that you should do on a daily basis is look at charts, make use of the simple trading method and focus on exactly where hedge funds and institutions are acquiring and selling on that day, and do the job. The tricky part is to focus solely on that completely.

Below is the latest trade taken in the Aussie Dollar (AUD/USD) recently. This is the bearish position at supply; the entry is in the first down arrow on Aug 18. This prospective trade began by uncovering on the chart (Daily) where exactly institutions had been selling the Aussie Dollar.

Trading the signal with KISS rule which stands out for the simplicity-it is your friend. By far the essential things you must do to achieve success whenever trading or investing for a source of income

The Signal Price Revisited By Supply And Demand

The signal by Trade Selector Signal (TSS) is a unique symbol which will let you get into the short position by selling when currency price retested supply and are making money from a downturn movement or currency price retested demand which enable us to profit from up-movement.  

Now you have an illustration showing the execution of a TSS simple rule-based methodology. The answer is the concentration and keeping essential things simple.

The reason why this concentration so difficult for many individuals is all the other factors they will let into their making decisions course of action. As an illustration, before you take this particular trade, you might want to take into account the economic data being released that day.

Bad idea! We do not take into account that data or give thought to it. Virtually all we care about when it comes to successful trading is the best place where the big players are usually in the market. You might want to check out what is happening in Australia or with crude oil or the next country getting close to default. 

Without a doubt, that allocating a single ounce of your focus on that is pointless when it comes to pinpointing exactly where banks along with financial institutions, and hedge funds had been selling or buying Aussie Dollar and then shorting or venturing into a long position in that area.

The primary focus must be 100% on the spot where the signal flags institutional execution of sell orders on that day, week, or month and be able to sell or buy there, and nothing else. Although other information might be attention-grabbing, it is not going to help you to put the dough in your account.

This is only my personal opinion, of course, however as a result of my practical experience hardly anything else matters when you are aware exactly where big players are getting in a market, and that is the primary focus of Supply and Demand. For those who do not agree, that is alright; this is precisely what makes the market tick.

The Bottom Line

By way of incorporating the signal coming from TSS system with all the simplicity and then fine-tuning the analysis with an observation of support/resistance of the "Rally" or "Dip" template, a trader or investor can stack the percentages of having a thriving trade in his / her favor.

Keep in mind trading is a creative endeavor, meaning that it's both art and science and demands practice with a simplicity to cultivate consistency along with profitability.

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