Understanding Technical Analysis Software

What is technical analysis software is designed to do? The name of the game is predicting future market price activity by examining past price activity. If technical analysis software is used in isolation, the results are inevitably subjective based on the individual user's choice of analytical tools and data used to determine patterns in the market. This separation opens the door to the observer effect, an introduction of subconscious bias that can alter the outcome of the process and produce wildly divergent results.

With technical analysis software, the name of the game is predicting future market price activity by examining past price activity such as employed by Trade Selector Signal.

Technical Analysis Software Modeling

With technical analysis software, Trade Selector Signal avoids the use of modeling tools like Fibonacci timing, Kondratieff wave, Elliot wave, and similar concepts. 

To concentrate too much on wave shapes robs technical analysis of a significant amount of accuracy by undervaluing the impact time can have on price activity.

Trade Selector Signal represents an attempt to create more accurate, less subjective analysis by using specific price qualification. The goal here is to keep the observer/user strictly separate from the analysis report and produce truly objective results. Trade Selector Signal is a confirmation tool designed to deliver actionable market performance insights visually. The tool is also intended to harness the power of technical analysis in setting targets for support and resistance levels and successful Take Profit exits.

One of the most powerful tools employed by Trade Selector Signal is cyclical analysis. This time-focused analytic method identifies regular rhythms in the oscillation of prices over time. Remember that all market pricing changes in three primary dimensions: time, price, and volatility.

The Trade Selector Signal software defines the fourth dimension: interrelationships. One major weakness of fundamental analysis is a misguided attempt to isolate specific causes and effects in price performance. This ignores the core truth that global interconnection is a huge factor in all current market pricing. Currencies, for example, may be performing bullishly in a domestic context while also performing as bears on the international stage. Any technical analysis software method that isolates domestic trends without looking at international connections risks delivering inaccurate results.

The method employed by Trade Selector Signal is called Trade Before It Happens. Data coming in from larger markets is consistently factored into any and all market predictions to ensure that our results remain consistent in both the short and the long-term.

In Closing

Understanding the real trends that drive global capital and currency markets is largely a matter of letting go of mistaken assumptions. Once you're dealing with real data accurately, you'll start to see what truly moves markets up and down.

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