Which way Moore Law will rise into the future

As many "experts" have predicted, Moore Law will soon hit an impasse. They claim that we're about to hit an extreme physical point. However, we have repeatedly indicated that the reverse will prove the case.

For the benefit of newer traders and investors, Moore Law refers to the idea that the number of transistors in microchips doubles every two years. This results in an exponential growth in computing power as time passes.

However, skeptics argue against the fact that we'll be unable to produce smaller semiconductors in the future. However, here's what they're missing.

The industry is making remarkable advances in another type of semiconductor technology known as silicon photonics. While traditional semiconductors use electricity to move data through semiconductor chips, silicon photonics utilizes light. This is why it is so important.

As we all know, electrical energy flowing through silicon produces heat. The greater the amount of electricity is used, the greater heat. This creates friction that slows down vastly performance.

Traditional semiconductor technology heat production is the primary constraint on high-performance chips. This is the issue that photonics can solve. Photonics does not produce any heat. This makes it possible to create even more efficient and more powerful semiconductors. The current VC (venture capital) raising activity shows the pace of change in this field.

Moore Law disrupters

There are Moore Law disrupters companies; one of them is known as Luminous is, an early-stage company that recently raised $105 million in its Series A round of funding. Various venture capital firms were part of the round, along with Bill Gates. Incredibly, Bill Gates made a personal investment in this round investing. Gates didn't act on behalf of any other investment firm.

This means that Gates realized something he could not leave out in Luminous's research regarding next-generation silicon photonics. Silicon photonics is, therefore, among the technology set to accelerate Moore Law forward into the future.

This is also true for the types of semiconductors Graphcore creates and produces. The quantum leap in the processing power of computers will naturally result from quantum computing technology into the trading and investing world.

If you hear someone claim that Moore Law is doomed, don't hesitate to make them right. The development of photonics in silicon, artificial intelligence (AI) accelerators, and eventually quantum computing processing will ensure that not just computing power continues to increase exponentially. Still, we will soon be witnessing the quantum leap, which is impossible to envision today.

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