Mobile Trading Apps: What Do You Need To Know To be a Smart Trader!

The most mobile trading apps offered today by online brokers turn bedroom traders into star professionals. So your question might be, what things should I look for

The most mobile trading apps offered today by online brokers turn bedroom traders into star professionals.

The majority of the apps have similar features. So your question might be, what things should I look for when choosing a mobile trading application?

The answer, in a nutshell, is stability, security, and agility. It always pays to look for an app that is simple to use and makes trading feel easy and intuitive.

Before downloading, look over reviews for the broker on the app store. Plenty of mobile trading apps can be downloaded for free, but then offer extra paid-for features. Costs may be small, but can swiftly add up. Pay particular attention to the broker's reputation, price transparency, and app stability.

Mobile applications that let you track, buy and sell assets from almost anywhere are growing in popularity among financial traders. 

Do mobile trading apps provide a full trading experience?

With today's mobile trading apps you’ll get most of the frills that come with desktop platforms. Various features and tools are available. Some give you access to in-depth analysis and company data. Others have voice search to find specific stocks. Users of some apps can chat with other traders.

Do mobile trading applications offer the same range of markets as desktop platforms?

Not always, however, nowadays it appears that developers, conceivably in a hurry to draw in new customers, are on a regular basis incorporating extra features which will rarely be used to their apps.

Although you may not have access to the same array of markets, mobile apps do provide full access. You’ll find a vast range of forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks, commodities and even ETFs.

Some brokers also offer leveraged derivative trading on their apps. These include spread betting (the UK only), CFD trading and options.

What are charting tools available?

A trading charting app can give you full access to most of the charting tools you’ll find on your desktop platform. App users now have access to educational tools and comparison charts.

You can use your mobile trading apps to create and analyze charts. You can even place trades directly from real-time price tables.

Powerful charting tools can be configured and saved to suit your analysis style, whatever device you’re trading on.

You can also track market trends with charts and access a wide range of technical indicators. Advanced indicators can give you all the information you need to research and identify your next trading opportunity.

Signals and notifications

A trading app in the pocket, you can stay ahead of essential moves with notifications. And you never have to miss another trading opportunity. Information on your mobile phone means you can react to fast moving prices even when you're on the move.


Mobile trading apps can free you from being tied to an office computer all day. If used well, these trading application can be an invaluable tool to help you react to fast moving market prices.

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