With Mental Models, We No Longer Act Rationally

The specific mental model develops when we cease to be in contact with reality. We're identified as having psychological illnesses; put simply, we're loony. Therefore, the world can be said to be crazy, due to the fact it can't behave rationally following the real world because of the intermediation connected with fake money - just numbers - during which it has falsified the means to access realism.

The specific mental model develops when we cease to be in contact with reality. We're identified as having psychological illnesses; put simply, we're loony

The presence of a mental block out, consisting of numbers utilized as “money,”  among common sense humanity and the real physical world can be a case of paramount matter.

The achievements of Bitcoin currency is an excellent illustration showing the intellectual turmoil of crowds of people. The Bitcoin is known as a digit number. The distinctive feature of this model is that it progresses around the Internet inside a thoroughly managed system which forbids unauthorized access to it. Just the one who owns the Bitcoin digit may get rid of by merely transmitting it to someone else.

The Bitcoin has and is also experiencing a fantastic rise in “value” up against the Greenback since people have to pay Greenbacks to possess a Bitcoin, and people will be shelling out a lot more Greenbacks to hold on to a Bitcoin. Is this sensible? Human beings aren't acting reasonably considering that the fake monetary model has clogged their thinking. 

In all probability, many Bitcoin speculators - and one can expect there is a large number off of them - understand that the entire thing will almost certainly come apart, though think they're able to abandon the adventure before it craters.

One more strange manifestation of the mental outcomes of this “numbers money” emotionally charged block will be the support offered, in all honesty, on the part of essential individuals to fanatic undertakings such as the creation of the human-made colony on planet Mars. 

There is undoubtedly one more ridiculous project to regulate the world’s weather. The human race has lost contact with Real truth, because of fake money, and then the number of lunacies really is endless. Maybe the sanest men and women in the world inhabit in far-off Amazon river basin and also the jungles of New Guinea - they do not use the money by any means.

Mental Manifestation Can Lead To Total Breakdown

One last mental manifestation of the outcomes of the existence of a mental block out involving human actions and the reality of the real physical world will undoubtedly be, unavoidably, a complete, total breakdown of conditions within our existing society. Which will as I have stated, is finding it difficult in vain to keep and further industrial and commercial actions as it been with us before the banishment connected with Gold as money, by Nixon in 1971.

Then again, if by some almost extraordinary transformation, Gold will happen to be back to use as the world’s currency exchange, we will need to take into account how a confused world might handle this shift. Can it be, possibly, by deciding on a wholesale, suicidal wreckage with the humanity, as opposed to an adapting to it utterly new behavior, innovative job opportunities as well as reordering of priorities that the realistic perception of the world would require, in the event the mental block of “just-numbers-money” is slowly removed?

In Conclusion 

Throughout Shakespeare’s comedy titled, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” - a group of lovers in woodlands are positioned underneath a spell by a fairy, and get into foolish capers, giving them upturn to the fairy’s message: “Lord! Just what fools all of these mortals come to be!”. 

Humankind is currently within a dangerous enchantment attributable to “just-numbers-money.” We want to trust that many of us shall awaken from our pipe dream to experience a happy conclusion, as theirs managed to do for a group of lovers of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

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