Market Commentary - November 28

Reports that President Trump seems to be anxious to use new tariffs to push China had a harmful influence on initial stock prices. We did observe many technology stocks fall short at the beginning of trading, however, were rejected by the closing hours of business. 

Speculation of some probable massive technology breakup’s had been dismissed as has been discussed and valued in previous trading sessions. The yellow metal is on the back foot once again as is crude oil, however not much actually as compared to the crypto coins downfall observed recently. 

Keep in mind that we have Fed Chairman Jerome Powell speaking today along with at the dinner event, which could capture a bit market gossip as he may reveal his personal opinion of the on-going situation. Well worth keeping an eye on the bid for the US Dollars over the end of the year.

Talk is that the bid is sneaking close to 20 percent for your year-end  Greenbacks. All of the key indices were rallying into the closing hour, which means this might be encouraging news coming as far as the USA and China tariffs talks are involved.

SPX (S&P500) Chart

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