Trading Market Commentary May 26, 2017


The NASDAQ and the S&P together hit fresh minimal all-time highs in the midst of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency rise, while the Fed’s minutes elevated the current market yesterday at the end of trading session. The FED's release provided yet another setback for the US Dollar, in spite of aiming to the steadiness of the interest rate increase plan, with a possible tightening approach in the month of June.

Many people ultimately have woken that the rising interest rates is an indicator of fake economic growth conditions, by having traders and investors last but not least concluding that lower an emergency interest rates are will no longer justified. The objective right now is to stabilize interest rates at the earliest opportunity with small direct impact on the market.

Euro stocks continue to be lagging their American rivals, with the Euro Dollar up moves putting pressure on equities. The Japanese stock market was up marginally, whereas Chinese securities persisted in rising, as the big surprise move since the Moody’s downgrade brought the Shanghai Composite Index close to its high levels from a week ago. 

The VIX continues to be smacked once again, and it was last viewed trading at 9.80. Foreign currency markets were reasonably quiet with a bit of selling within commodity-related currency trading conditions, however with a risk-on sentiment.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency took the news headlines yet again, while the MSM's (Main Stream Media) interest is beginning to pay attention to the top cryptocurrency in the midst of the Asian Racing demand from customers, the increasing ownership, and the continuous chain of all-time new highs. The overall valuation of Bitcoins currency struck $44 billion yesterday, approaching the 50% of the market once again, while many key cryptocurrencies drifted lower right after the latest leg of the wide-ranging rally.

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