Market Commentary March 29, 2019

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Yesterday market being the second-to-last session of the first quarter, that is frequently seen as a “fundamentally right” chance to mark up equities. We find that as valid an excuse as any for the vitality of the market into midday session yesterday, as the Nasdaq index powered forward, with the broader S&P 500 and DJI lingering behind.

However, the underwriters of the Lyft Initial Public Offering might have had a hand in propping up the equities as well. In the lunchtime, the initial gains essentially evaporated, however, a late-day drive took the all main indices back to around a 0.5 percent gain.

Away from the equities, Greenback was a slightly firmer and fixed income was a small lower. Though, there were fireworks in the metal market, as Gold and Silver both succumbed around 1.5 percent. The proximate explanation for that, in our conclusion, had to do with the 7 percent Palladium nosediving, which produced its 2-day declines to approximately 15 percent.

We speculate that many traders and investors may have been powerless to sell their Palladium holdings or perhaps were reluctant to, and might have hedged by shorting Yellow Metal. Or additionally, probably the sell-off in Palladium accelerated the disposal of other metals as well. Never the less, it was pretty much a wipe out.

Other Market News

On trade market between America and China - The US Trade Representative Lighthizer and US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin entered a new round of negotiations in Beijing yesterday, and rumors are that both sides have made unexpected progress in the current cycle of discussions - including possibly compulsory high-technology transfers.

The current issue concerning the Chinese company Huawei Technologies looks to be the backdrop to these negotiations encompassing technology and the means America pushed many of their partners to reject the Huawei Generation 5 (G5) technology for worry of surveillance on the part of China. This appears quite a big order to digest to get to a friendly technology agreement - only time will tell.

In the European markets, of course, we will have to consider Brexit fiasco and the eight present plans. It looks as if the U.K. parliament is booting the can down the road at this time. Will there ever be a specific Brexit plan or will the referendum go back to the public for a vote again. 

Huawei Technologies issue has become a more close partnership of late, as they have declared and announced the latest G5 and smartphones and service in the Eurozone wireless market, changing their offerings away from America.  

Other notable story in Europe, is that a current statement by Open Democracy affirms that US Christian right ‘fundamentalists’ who have been connected to the President Trump's administration, as well as Steve Bannon, are amidst a several American organizations that have flooded over $50 Million of ‘dark money’ into Eurozone over the last ten years.

Trade Of The Day

If you studied our chart since the beginning of this year and clearly examined trading session yesterday - we have entered the trade at 2799, and we are where we want to be for a ride.

Yesterday market being the second-to-last session of the first quarter, that is frequently seen as a “fundamentally right” chance to mark up equities.SPX June 29 2019

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