Trading Market Commentary June 8, 2017



As there is a lot of fuss, and countless media hoopla over the yesterday testimony involving ex- FBI Chief Comey, one of the main things you can do once the mass media is busily creating a mess of stuff would be to search for the largest news story behind the curtain.

It has long been an adage that whenever a Big Story is taking hold of all the news headlines, there's typically something happening somewhere else that'll be more significant in the long term - and something that'll be kept in the media dark areas as the Big Story will be over-blown. So, we've got a couple of contenders thus far:

1. Comey testimony.  OMG “Constitutional Crisis” will happen to the chant. And also along with it, fearfulness - among the best usual excuses ever about financial impropriety.

2. There was election taking place in Great Britain, and eventually, this came down toward the doubt of BREXIT. Will the population of United Kingdom be hoodwinked towards abandoning their attempts to take back national independence from the greedy dictator's bureaucrats with the European Union?


Based on the initial exit polls, we're in for yet another surprising election result in the United Kingdom, given that the dominating conservative party might be on course to forfeit its vast majority. 

Should the exit polls happen to be correct, we might be in meant for risk-off sentiment within markets globally, having a more rally with natural safe-haven assets. Cryptocurrencies may also be somewhat elevated by the uncertainness. United Kingdom assets may continue being pressurized up until the whole new government is formed, therefore outcomes on the BREXIT course of action may turn out to be more clear.

The British pound dropped to a seven-week low versus the US Dollar as well as a five-month low at -1.5%, and also versus the Euro Dollar within the first thirty minute trading following the releases the exit-polls. Yellow metal went into a static correction right after its robust latest rally, however, got slammed hard during early North American trading, following rebound away from the $1300 amount once more this week. The Euro Dollar have also been lower versus the Yen as well as the US Dollar, given that the results boost uncertainty in the market that could interrupt the already chaotic BREXIT course of action.

The ECB (European Central Bank) released its most recent monetary-policy conclusion earlier Thursday, with the central bank leaving behind its benchmark rate of interest unchanged. The central bank stated that interest rates are expected to stay within their current levels for the greater timespan. However, ECB ditched any reference to a potential future rate cut.

The DAX30  Index rose by 0.3%; the CAC40 Index finished slightly under the unchanged range and also the FTSE100 Index softened by 0.4%.

The DowJones index reaches all-time high level, however, retreats about the closing time. What was unexpected appeared to be the robust performance from the Russell2000 where it closed plus 1.35 percent yesterday. The marketplace interpretation is that after yesterday's happenings the Trump trade rally might well be back on. How quickly we'll find out about the details regarding the tax reforms, moving back involving regulations, as well as national infrastructure expansion are now returning to center stage.

The VIX conveys lead trading back again to the 10-handle as well as aiding the Treasury yields which begin to move higher. 

The US core indexes all finished within the positive zone. However, the NASDAQ outperformed its competitors. The DowJones surged upward 8.84 points barely 0.1% to 21,182.53. The NASDAQ increased by 24.38 points or 0.4% to 6,321.76, and also the S&P500 advanced upward 0.65 points just under 0.1% to 2,433.79.

The Asian trading session was somewhat positive with only the SENSEX, Nikkei225, as well as the Nifty finishing lower on Thursday.  Nikkei225 Index dropped by 0.4%, whereas HK's Hang Seng Index went up by 0.3%.

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