Trading Market Commentary June 5, 2017


Overseas markets were a little bit lower yesterday, and trading volumes were thin. The terror episode in London, as well as Saudi Arabia's diplomatic shift towards Qatar, are generating news headlines. Since the strains build between the region’s a pair of most powerful kingdoms, Iran and Saudi Arabia, this move opens up another battle arena. Additional Gulf states followed Saudi Arabia, with UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt likewise clipping ties with Qatar. Crude Oil was slipping once again yesterday, following the first surge in news reports, as the geopolitical troubles in the Middle-East might threaten the OPEC’s production output agreement.

Following on from the robustness which was observed last week, equities exhibited a lack of course during the entire trading session on Monday. The key indices ultimately finished the session slightly lower. The Dow Jones fell 24.00 points to 21,152.00, the NASDAQ dropped 10.11 points to 6,295.68, and the S&P500 surrounded  2.97 points to 2,436.10.

The primary Euro markets have likewise moved lower on the day. The CAC40 Index has slid by 0.7 %; the FTSE100 Index has fallen by 0.3 %. The German trading markets were closed Monday due to the holiday.

Asian equities finished mixed on Monday following a US employment report which didn't satisfy trading/investing community. China's Shanghai Comp Index dropped 13.88 points (0.45 %) to 3,091.66. Japanese stocks finished stagnant however continued to be near to a 22-month high level attained the previous week. The Nikkei225 index closed 6.46 points (0.03 %) lower at 20,170.80 while the yen kept steady following Friday's increase.

On the Forex market, the US Dollar was trading versus the Euro Dollar, priced at $1.1254 in comparison to last Friday's $1.1279. The Pound was up yesterday following the London terror attack, and the unfavorable economic reports. The Conservative Party’s probability of succeeding the parliamentary elections on Thursday have gone up considerably. The Japanese yen kept steady following Friday's increase.

Here are the stats you don’t see a whole lot in the MSM (Main Stream Media). Ever since the BREXIT vote, last year in June do you know how much the FTSE100, the CAC40, the DAX30, and the S&P500 indices are up? 

1. Last Friday the DAX30 closed at 12,822.95. As a year ago it had been churning around 9,557.16.  The German stock market traders/ investors ought to think it's great considering that the German stock market is up 34.17%. 

2. The French CAC40 closed last Friday at 5,343.44. BREXIT vote in the same week year ago? 4,106.74. France increased 30.1%. 

3. Ever since the BREXIT vote, a year ago in June do you have any thought just how much the FTSE100  index is up? It is up 22.9%.

4. The US S&P500 finished last Friday at 2,439.07 whereas at BREXIT vote year ago Americans were at 2,037.41. A merely 19.7% boost.

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Trading Market Commentary June, 2017
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