Trading Market Commentary June 30, 2017


US Market

The mixed close on US markets came following the key Indexes exhibited crazy swings forwards and backward during the last few trading sessions.

While the US market opened lagging and weaker by the end of the trading day, the larger S&P500, as well as core DowJones both equally been able a positive finish. 

The NASDAQ didn't obtain a positive finish however it has been directing the charge much lower, yesterday's overall performance has been rather reassuring - especially for the First Half of 2017. 

The S&P500 went up 3.71 points (0.2%) to 2,423.41, the DowJones increased by 62.60 points (0.3%) to 21,349.63, and The NASDAQ surrounded  3.93 points (0.1%) to 6,140.42. For the full week, the S&P500 dropped by 0.6%, DowJones fell by 0.2%, and the NASDAQ declined by 2%.

European Markets

Eurozone followed-on as a result of late Wall Street selling as well as Asia’s lack of strength which found all of the indices lower. FTSE100 Index dropped by 0.5%, CAC40, DAX30, and IBEX all decreased close to 0.7% to Retailers, Chemical, Tech and even Financials at the end of the trading day - out of the blue concerned with interest rate increases.

A lot of chat about Qatar as well as future foreign currency trades with speculation that many UK banks are unwilling to participate in the forwards marketplace. After Friday's market close the month-to-month overall performance appears being an about minus 2% return. 

Asia-Pacific Markets

After a vulnerable US trading session, Asia-Pacific decreased in sympathy along with Wall Street then flattened as China’s core stocks locked in nicely, especially since PBOC (People's Bank of China) established the YUAN rate within 6.7744 - the very highest in a long time. 

China’s Manufacturing production data aided Shanghai Index, however, the core larger cap’s struggled when the HK's Hang Seng Index shed down 0.8%. Japan’s CPI (Consumer Price Index) and Manufacturing didn't help the Nikkei225 which closed minus 0.9% as the Japanese Yen continued to be at 112 handle. Implying that perhaps  “normal” flight to basic safety could be in the process of shifting. 

ASX Index decreased on mineral, commodity and Aussie ASX rebound to close the trading day down 1.66% not really a good day to end the month.

Currency Market

The foreign exchange market was also a much less lively yesterday, without key speeches from the ECB bankers, given that the one-week prolonged ECB (European Central Bank) meeting took its toll, with the Euro Dollar surfaced to a new One-year high versus the US Dollar. 

The long-term downtrend for the US Dollar continues to be on-going, as the Dollar right now retraced from all the Trump-Rally (and more). 

The European Central Bank isn't quite prepared to begin monetary tightening up. However, the ECB's changed unsupported claims had been ample to result in a sell-off as the upward trend has been getting exhausted.

Commodities Market

Yellow metal, as well as crude oil, changed trading courses this week. The yellow metal is demonstrating a lack of strength on the tightening up rate rumors. While crude oil gathered some solid ground around the calmer geopolitical atmosphere and also the increasing yields, the shale oil sector will probably be afflicted by the tougher funding difficulties, and this could push US production lower in next coming stage.

What's Ahead

Trading/investing action might be to some degree subdued in a few days next week mainly because of the US  Fourth of July holiday, even though traders/investors may very well keep close watch over the regular monthly employment report due in upcoming Friday (July 7).

Report claims on US manufacturing as well as service sector activity might also draw in attention combined with minutes of the latest FED (Federal Reserve) meeting.

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Trading Market Commentary June, 2017
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