Trading Market Commentary June 21, 2017


Worldwide stock markets are recuperating from the modest surprise that President Trump created yesterday as he updated the entire world with regards to N. Korea on Twitter. The bizarre tweet delivered risk assets in freefall, and also triggered a sudden surge in Treasuries and Bitcoin. 

US equity markets continue to be well under their high levels from Tuesday session. However, they rebounded off the low overnight levels in lean summer season trading. The marketplace transformed mixed during the period of the trading session on Wednesday. 

The NASDAQ progressed 45.92 points (0.7%) to 6,233.95. Semiconductor, the Internet and also software equities observed significant robustness on the Wednesday trading, resulting in the advance from the heavy-techs. Although the S&P500 surrounded 1.42 points or (0.1%) to 2,435.61, and also the DowJones dropped 57.11 points or (0.3%) to 21,410.03. 

Trading volumes are anticipated to stay quiet, whilst day trading to become more and more challenging and arduous, as volatility is constantly on the float close to multi-decade levels.

The primary Euro stock markets likewise have gone to the downside on Wednesday session. The FTSE100 Index and the DAX30 Index both dropped by 0.3%, while the CAC40 Index slipped by (0.4%). 

In Asia-Pacific region stock markets migrated mainly lower throughout trading on Wednesday. The ASX was off -1.6%, HK's Hang Seng Index, softened by 0.6%, Nikkei225 Index decreased by 0.5%, and SENSEX closed modestly changed on the day.

China Blue Chip stocks reach 18 months high following the addition of the MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital International) Index news released later on Wednesday; The 222 securities will provide 0.73% of the overall Composite. Which unfortunately being previously ignored in the past four years is incredibly reassuring. 

Main Currencies, as well as Commodities,  were largely unaffected except the British Pound which placed a robust comeback following a couple of days of losses. The GBP/USD pair has been heightened by the address of a BOE (Bank of England) member, as the BOE continues to be somewhat schizophrenic with regards to the future of interest rates. 

The US Dollar is without a doubt consolidating close to its post-Fed highs, and this kept the strain on yellow metal which continued to be trading just under $1250. Crude Oil had been a somewhat higher yesterday following a positive US stockpiles release.

The crypto-coins were choppy yesterday, despite the short, volatile period on Tuesday, with Ethereum’s cousin weakness and Bitcoin’s robustness to be the perhaps most obviously changed considering that sudden push. 

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Trading Market Commentary June, 2017
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