Trading Market Commentary June 11, 2017


Last Friday, the tech-heavy NASDAQ market experienced a substantial sell-off later part of the trading day following right after striking the all-time high. So what happened? There isn't any secret that stock markets are in fantasy-land, and as a result, we may just witness the possible explosion of the bubble, Why? Because due to the fact the sell-off it came out of the blue. 

BTW, It was not enticed by a geopolitical event or even some kind of downgrade. It was not driven by anything at all, it simply just happened. Without question, there's going to be a day of reckoning with this markets. Should this be genuine sell-off, and that is a real bursting of the technology stocks bubble we may have a follow-through on Monday, or perhaps we might have a rebound orchestrated through Plunge Protection Team. 

Do not let yourself be hoodwinked by the stock markets hitting all-time highs. Be diligent be safe. 

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