Trading Market Commentary July 5, 2017


After the Independence day holiday on Tuesday, stocks market completed a lacking brilliance performance throughout trading session on Wednesday.

The Fed (Federal Reserve) minutes showed the firm preference to proceed with rate rises, while markets refused to pay attention at this time. Ten-year notes ended up little impacted by the close of stock market trading hrs. However, we perceive a little effect of the 2% inflation rate concern. 

US Market 

A bounce-back for the NASDAQ market yesterday in spite of signals that the NK's (North Korean) missile launch had made an impact on futures trading. NASDAQ close by rising 40.80 points (0.7%) to 6,150.86. As the S&P500 went up by 3.53 points (0.2%) to 2,432.54, and the DowJones surrounded  1.10 points less than a 0.1% to 21,478.17. 

European Markets 

Eurozone wasn't such a certainty and apparently needed persuasion as the trading session donned on. Concerns around the Middle East weigh on traders hearts, and minds and so were continually checking out Foreign Exchange Forwards (Qatar, Saudi, and Dirham) as they quite simply turn out to be a safety value about pressures.

It appears to be that Qatari One-year Forward Contract offered at plus 700 along with Spot prices moving from 3.7 to 3.73. Anticipating expanded sanctions news report - perhaps by later on Thursday (July 6).

Key Index markets were mixed for Eurozone with plenty of the Chat encompassing Monte die Paschi di Siena and also the €5.5 Billion bailout agreement from the mother European Union. The decision has helped banking institutions equities mainly primary banks such as Deutsche Bank and HSBC, as a result of actual exposures, ultimately finishing small mixed on the trading day.

The key Eurozone markets saw modest strength on the day. The DAX30 Index, the CAC40 Index, and the FTSE100 Index all inched up by 0.1%.

Asia-Pacific Markets 

All of leading Asian markets delivered positive yesterday with China doing for the both markets. The Shanghai Stock Exchange reclaimed earlier weakness and closed up 0.75% on the trading day, while in HK's Hang Seng Index glistening by handling a plus 0 5% stronger on the close. There was a very similar pattern for the Japanese Nikkei225 in which early morning lack of strength has been reversed, and traders handled a plus 0.25% finishing. 

Currency Markets 

The Japanese Yen (USDJPY) shed all of the Tuesday's safe-haven effort, and it had been directed back to long Yen liquidations once again. The EURUSD went down -0.22% to 1.1324. 

Commodities Market 

Yellow metal stocks have somewhat brushed aside the latest downfall by crawling up 0.09 % to 1220.00, although I believe that trading precious metals are on the curvature simply because they have not behaved as negatively as they could have. Which is importance that has not made a whole lot different at this point?

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Trading Market Commentary July, 2017
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