Trading Market Commentary July 25, 2017


The Fed’s slated meeting started Tuesday. However, the central bank will not release its rate of interest decision as well as monetary statement until Wednesday. US equity market was trading at a lower volume and low volatility.

However, US futures market were showing a stronger US trading session, and that's precisely what we've got. Plenty of chat all around about the Health-care bill debate, specifically as we see the comprehensive S&P500 Index hit an intraday record. Feels as though - against all the odds - the traders and investors begin to see the returning of the Trump rally once again.

US equities moved mainly higher during the period of the trading session on Tuesday. With all the upward move on the trading day, the NASDAQ and the S&P500 had reached all new record highs. The market strength on Wall Street to a certain extent mirrored a positive response to the most recent stock earnings reports, with McDonald's, and Caterpillar shining with its posting a lot better numbers than expected. 

As the S&P500 increased 7.17 points (0.3%) to 2,477.08, the DowJones rose 100.26 points (0.5%) to 21,613.43, along with the NASDAQ climed  1.37 points (less than a tenth of a percent) to 6,412.17.

European Markets

The release of the Germany's Business Climate Index (IFO) having an 116 posting, versus an earlier 115.3 number, was all the stock market needed to regain a robust rally. In fact, even in front of the two days Federal Reserve meeting, traders, and investors were inspired, despite the fact that German equity market continues to be weak in comparison to their American counterparts.

In the meantime, the main Eurozone markets all gone to the upside on Wednesday. The U.K.'s FTSE100 Index and the French CAC40 Index rallied by 0.8 percent and 0.7%, respectively. The German DAX30 and Spanish IBEX35 were approximately at plus 0.5% each.

Asia-Pacific Market

Another mixed session for Asia-Pacific region throughout the trading session on Tuesday, however, we did observe a good rebound in the Aussie ASX200 with 0.83%. We also did witness much better ranges throughout the trading session for the Japan's Nikkei225; however, the sentiment couldn't keep the close by moving down by 0.1%.

All those losses have been overturned in US trading session as futures trading proceeded with the strong Wall Street movement and with the Yen currency trading just under the 112 handle. The HK's Hang Seng Index finished merely above the unchanged line. The Shanghai Composite Index is up 3.99 points (0.12%) as of this writing.

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