Trading Market Commentary July 19, 2017


US Markets

US stock market migrated primarily higher throughout the trading day on Wednesday. With all the upward progress on the day, and yet another record for DowJones, S&P500, and the NASDAQ, all establishing new highs. 

Earnings seem to have been the main reason. However, it appears to be retail data has finally begun to join-in the euphoria as we observed the S&P500 overcome the DowJones during the last couple of days. Although the marketplace experiences the absence of political course, the huge amount of hard cash sitting on the side lines is proving to be too hot to hold back! 

Financial markets are getting help by a few economic numbers once we observed much better than anticipated Home Sales Wednesday with 8.3%, and found the Atlantic Federal Reserve elevating its forecast from 0.1% to 2.5%. Technology continuously is leading regardless of many calls the fact that stock valuations are far too extreme.

The key Indexs finished the trading day securely in positive area. The S&P500 soared13.22 points (0.5%) to 2,473.83, the NASDAQ rose 40.74 points (0.6%) to 6,385.04, and the DowJonesincreased66.02 points (0.3%) to 21,640.75.

European Markets

Eurozone carried on the move with all of the primary Indexes finishing much better on the day. Technology and energy market sectors were the leading having closed with more positive 0.5% for FTSE100, IBEX35, and CAC40.

Kind of interesting that the DAX30 been able to scrape a plus 0.15% improvement following down days during the last few weeks. Despite momentum returning to in the American stock markets. Eurozone must have some numbers confirmation before it can strengthen upon all the latest cash arriving.

A significant number of traders and investors are speaking about Super Mario (Mario Draghi) address from the ECB (European Central Bank) meeting on Thursday in Frankfurt, Germany as challenges mount regarding most recently proposed economic policy. 

Asia-Pacific Markets

A solid finish for Asia-Pacific markets on Wednesday trading following the uncertainness observed in a mixed US stock market. The large cap of  DowJones recovery helped. However, it was the broader S&P500 as well as NASDAQ that contributed the majority of for Asia-Pacific push. 

Japan's Nikkei225 Index managed to edged up by 0.1%, only slightly closing in the positive area however it has been the fact that the closing occurred over the psychological 20,000 level. ASX200 and also the SENSEX Indexes both experienced an active trading day as Industrials and energy helped its overall performance. 

The Shanghai Index was in positive sentiment again on Wednesday closing more than 1.4% upward with the support of a stronger Hong Kong's Hang Seng which rose 0.6%, before highly expected US-China news conference slated for later in the Wednesday trading session day. Which by the way was canceled for reasons why we've yet to know about, talk is that Americans were seeking a “fairer” package.

Currency Market

Foreign currencies were in the vicinity of Tuesday’s closing levels with only the Japanese Yen rallying just before Wednesday’s BOJ (Bank of Japan) interest rate decision and monetary statement. The Bank of Japan is facing a greater than ever before headwind with regards to its never been easier monetary policies as the Federal Reserve already begun increasing rates. 

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Trading Market Commentary July, 2017
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