Trading Market Commentary July 18, 2017


Financial sector continued their downfall Tuesday's market as worries broaden seeing the NIM (Net Interest Margin) dropping for the biggest banks. Coupled with a decrease in trading income (additionally considered in latest releases) has a direct impact on the whole banking sector and is expanding into other leveraged market sectors.

The S&P500 is clearly inside both of the short- term as well as long-term increasing trends in spite of yanking away from its all-time highs levels on Tuesday. And the VIX  Volatility Index has fallen to a low rate and has now moved to certainly one of its a good number of excessive readings of the bullish market, and at this time, a constant low VIX Volatility Index is a very hot trend.

US Markets

The main indexs ended the trading choppy trading session on opposite sides of the continuous main line. The DowJones finished lower and managed a bounce of the opening bell drop. However, traders and investors did witness another historical record high with the NASDAQ tightly accompanied by a modest boost on the S&P500 trading session day.

The S&P500 jumped up 1.47 points (0.1%) to 2,460.61. The DowJones dropped 54.99 points (0.3%) to 21,574.73, the NASDAQ rose 29.87 points (0.5%) to 6,344.31.  

European Markets

Eurozone traded quite heavy once again on Tuesday with the DAX30 at -1.25% which did lead the decline. Industrials and Banks were the heaviest hit market sectors along with Deutsche Bank plummeting - 2.5% as their financial problems keep on. 

While the economic climate slows down, the investors are going to be unhappy with their returns and begin the reverse in investment capital flow. Which was observed in the Great Briton on Tuesday once the inflation data has been reported well below earlier statistics? CPI (Consumer Price Index) unveiled at 2.6% a surprise for the marketplace having seen 2.9% for the month in May of this year.

Sterling dropped on a complete reversal of the early morning's advances, to ensure the FTSE100 recovery from the trading day's lows. CAC40 and IBEX35 also finished lower with over minus 1% which partnered to back up Gold and Bonds. 

Asia-Pacific Markets

Equity markets throughout the Asia-Pacific region submitted a mixed overall performance during trading on Tuesday. Nikkei225 Index decreased by 0.6%, while HK's Hang Seng Index went up by by 0.2%. While the Australian ASX200  dropped once again as commodity prices become affected, the ASX200 shed over 1.25% with the Aussie currency increasing by 1.45%. SENSEX Index also traded sluggish on Tuesday loosing over1%.

Other Markets

The unfavorable news information regarding the Healthcare Bill hit the US Dollar which in turn given a hand to Treasuries as well as in the beginning Gold, however latter forfeited its gains once the day's rally towards the close occurred.

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Trading Market Commentary July, 2017
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