Market Commentary-January 3

American cash indices were anticipated to open lower, and that's what we had. The DJI traded about 400 points lower in the first few minutes of trading following the open, however thankfully wasn't to stay there for long! 

Talk of progression being created in the USA - China tariffs trade negotiations, the sentiment which the sell-off is dragging a touch too long, a flatter yield curve, as well as a stimulating requirement for U.S. Dollars, are pretty much all aiding change the sensitivity of the market.

The Four hundred point drop was quick to having a positive print as volumes increase rapidly, talk of solid employment numbers coming on Friday along with a build-up of positive rhetoric forthcoming from the Fed also. Investment capital flow stays, and that's being shown quite clearly in the foreign currency with the DXY index rallying plus 1% on Wednesday to take it back near a 98 handle.

The last minutes of trading we had primary indices back into the red zone, however way off the daily low levels after which market recovered to wrap up slightly higher. This is precisely what we can expect for the very first six weeks of 2019 trading. Nasdaq did find a way to keep hold the positive print however had without a doubt taken its share of the lowers the later part of last year.

Crude oil experienced a similar trading movement on Wednesday following the announcement that production level did slow in Dec 2018. President Trump commented that he realizes that he prompted the latest price decline in crude oil through releasing oil supplies to support business. U.S. federal government goes in the twelfth day of its shutdown.

Key Sup $42.50 will be intermediate stop of the vicious decline we had so far: but, the latest increase might be mitigated to played/weaken Mean Res $47.18, and perhaps Oil Rally $50.40Prices continue posting their three-day rise. Major Key Support $42.50 will serve as an intermediate stop of the vicious decline we had so far: however, the latest increase might be mitigated with a bounce to played/weaken Mean Resistance $47.18, and perhaps Oil Rally $50.40 - we shall see.

Trading volumes were lighter in Asia-Pacific markets, which are often the case whenever significant indices have a country's holiday (Japan). Scarily, the ASX200 observed an additional hefty trading session as financials looked to keep on driving values weaker.

Both the Australian All Ordinaries Index (AOI), as well as the Dollar, opened 2019 on a lot less than an impressive note. The stock index finished the day off 1.6% as financials were leading the charge, however similarly concerning has been the minus 0.8% decrease with the Aussie Dollar at this time trading by the 69 handle.

The trigger on Wednesday has been the China Factory Activity ground-breaking report, as it unveiled way below general opinion and prompted a 3% in the H.K. Hang Seng as well as a 1.2% fall for Shanghai index. Indian Rupee also has joined the sell-off, and so it dropped 0.9% versus the U.S. Dollar.

Eurozone was, in fact, quick to follow the Asian-Pacific bear market, and both were influenced by early U.S. futures trading. Sluggish economic numbers led to the decline with the European Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) printing under the 50 handle (50 plus implies expansion). 

Reports that the European Central Bank acquired control of the Italian Banka Carige - following the entire board resignation struck many other Italian bank securities, along with the FTSE MIB index, which fell 1.2%. German DAX with plus 0.2% and CAC with minus 0.9%  were mixed on Wednesday, however, tend to be uncertain as the bear sentiment seemed to have made a comeback for 2019.

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