Market Commentary-January 16

The first weakness seen in the futures market was reflective of the JP Morgan returns, which managed to highlight related interests for the Financial Institutions (FI) departments. However, as Eurozone fronts its problems, American cash market has seen steady demand for much of the trading session. 

Netflix is increasing prices, and the company stock has rallied more than 6% and has helped the Nasdaq index to record a plus 2% trading day. Also, deserving mention is that Netflix stock rose 50% since the low was placed on December 24th, 2018. Growth stocks have commenced full of this core bounce; however, the technology stocks continue to lead. 

Overall, an exciting trading day irrespective of issues materializing on the other side of the pond. S&P500 closes up 1.05%, the Nasdaq plus 1.95%, while DJI closes up 0.65%. 

It has been a lot of talks the earlier weeks over ‘surprise’ trading losses being recorded at some mainstream banks! Whatever desk is managing the risk level, there should or will be someone whose duty is to control that risk. 

The Head of Trading and Chief Risk Officer (CRO) are responsible for designating and managing risks, which should be administered on a daily basis by unbiased eyes. Unless tickets are missing and also exposure not being stated, there can't be ‘surprised’ market losses anywhere to be seen.

The positive statement coming from American markets was a certain trading day as prices were boosted for much of throughout. Japan’s Nikkei225 index also saw strong demand following a lower open, and that occurred after Mondays national holiday. 

Primarily, all the gains were accredited to a new tax cut's models announced in China and likely extended weekends, to advance the lagging economy. The Nikkei index ran to close to one month's highs level as increases in exporters and technology sectors helped push the prices. 

The Japan Yen was teasing a 109 handle first in the earlier session, however, has seen values react to the U.K.’s Brexit vote and positions of skepticism. The H.K. Hang Seng and core Shanghai indices both rallied from the opening bell as confidence surrounding many tax cut measures raised confidence.

Early Eurozone stock markets found relief following Germany ducked a posting technical recession once released a 1.5% Gross Domestic Product data although this is its weakest in five years. 

Italian banks were suffering in yesterdays trading session, as concerns that further provisions to meet Nonperforming Loan's (NPL) are expected soon. 

Everyone was concentrated on the Brexit vote occurring in U.K. parliament in the evening, and that settled as dominant factor throughout the trading day. Both the Euro Dollar and Sterling lost minus 0.85% on the trading day following on defeat news.

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