Market Commentary-January 15

The futures market was already trading lower following with the trend set via China market. The Chinese trade numbers began the sell-off yesterday morning and hadn't yet arranged to change before the cash opening. 

The low levels were placed just following the opening bell and the trading balance of the day was filled returning to the opening move. 

Technology stocks and the Nasdaq market were the lagers all day long and also at the closing was still off roughly 1%. Citi stock commenced the financial sector reports for this week, and the initial numbers weren't that good. 

Beginning losses, however, were overlooked and by the closing hour had led to trade higher for the day once traders were concentrated on the cost-cutting factor of the day's results. 

This move was helping market sentiment all around, and we were very close at one stage in the session to see the DJI trade in positive area. However, worth keeping an eye on corporate bond market as yields began to grow and liquidity continues to be an issue. 

The recent 2-year/10-year flattening had disguised much of this progress as trader and investors have been chasing returns. 

A shaky start to the week for Asia-Pacific market presumably due to China’s weak trade numbers. Yesterday's data was the lowest in a couple of years and suggest concerns of an accelerating worldwide economic slowdown. 

The figures also posted a 17% gain with America, however, even worth noticing is that imports data shows over 15% lower coming from Germany too. 

Both core Shanghai and the H.K. Hang Seng settled on their day's low levels, though at least these numbers were on the table leading to an announcement.

Eurozone indices opened touch lower resulting from weaker Asian-Pacific session. This is a heavy week for the U.K. politically as it stands the parliamentary Brexit vote in the house today. 

The U.K. press was awash with the opinions of the two principal leaders, although those of Jeremy Corbyn group persist undecided.

FTSE index fell 1% on the day, and 10-year Gilts were two basis points wider. French CAC and German DAX are both around 0.35% lower on the day session as well. 

Stirling was pricing in some good news, but the completion Currency Rally looks to be especially weak as we currently stand.

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