Market Commentary-January 11

A real quiet trading day for American markets all the while the Fed Chairman Jerome Powell had spoken at the Economics Club. Weak opening retail earnings coming from many reputable retailers such as Macy’s is once again showing the change in shopping models and raises the fear of a slowing down in the global economy.

U.S. weekly unemployed claims, however, has got yet one more beat aiding last several weeks tightening labor market. Comforting remarks from chairman Powell has received a lot more strength to the recovering stock indices yet.  

Given that 2018’s fourth-quarter market correction, sentiment continues to be sustained by data, and it is at present highlighting quite a few fairly reasonable valuations. We in due course saw U.S. markets close within their day's high levels with all of the primary indices managing about a plus 0.4% all around.

Thursday Asia-Pacific market ended up being one of those sessions that had the opportunity to see lots, however, chosen to let it sit for another trading day. 

In mainland China, we found a lower than anticipated print for the inflation numbers posting 1.9% versus expectations of 2.1%, leading to trouble-free equity overall performance.

The core Shanghai index closed at the day's lows, however still just off minus 0.36%. But, the H.K. Hang Seng index was guided by Wednesdays Nasdaq lead and also been able to post a small plus 0.22% higher close on the day.

Only by reading through the closing prices for Eurozone, you would indeed be forgiven for believing it had been an incredibly tedious Thursday session, however, if you merely had checked out the opening bell you might be asking, “As to why so weak”? 

Across the board, core indices ended up off however spent the remainder of the session building the background. French industrial production numbers were a lot less than estimated, and in the U.K., they experienced the slowest retail Christmas sales ever since the financial doom and gloom of 2008.

News reports, as well as concerns over the technical, economic recession in Germany, are spooking investors and traders still. The U.K. FTSE100 closed up plus 0.5%, however, Sterling was off minus 0.4% a virtually zero-sum game meant for international investors. The Euro Dollar rejected the newly formed 1.1550 Mean Resistance level yesterday.

About Bear Markets

The “Bear Market” has been postponed. However, not eradicated, as global economies sink, all central banks will inject a lot more cheap funds into the system.

Given that the economic climate of those money-drugged induced financial systems gets worse, demand for the yellow metal, the ultimate safe-haven asset, will raise. 

We continue to keep our outlook that Gold prices’ bottom level range is approximately $1200 per U.S. ounce and Gold prices won't increase until such time as Gold solidifies higher than $1400.

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